Week 2: Another Page

Just finished my second week here in Berlin, and everything went well so far. Even though Berlin is the capital city of Germany, it’s not the center of everything, like economics. Instead, I feel like it has more things regarding the culture, especially it has tons of various museums as well as galleries. I really enjoy it and plan to visit some more later. In addition, in these past two weeks, I found out that the place where we live is very convenient, with almost all needed facilities surrounded and easy-to-access public transportations. The commute time to my company is approximately 40-50 minutes from the hotel, but to be honest, I didn’t feel the time to be that long and now it seems just like just part of my life. Although I still questioned myself sometimes if I followed the right directions. The only thing I’m somewhat struggling is what to have for lunch the day after as people here either bring their own food or go and buy something in Aldi back to cook in the company. For me, I usually try to buy something already cooked in advance. All my colleagues are so nice to me and I’m so glad to have such an experience to work in an international company, to work with people from all over the world. The phenomenon of global working becomes more and more common nowadays, It’s interesting to see how people coming from different backgrounds work together and speak one common language to communicate with each other to achieve the same end. I didn’t feel anything inharmony here, like anyting specifically standing out; instead, it’s more like an integrated music piece composed by different notes, keys, tempos. etc.. This is something I was always thinking about and would like to experience myself one day.

Time management is an important skill in work and in life. We have practiced a lot in school in terms of the study loads, student organizations, workings and so on. In usual, I have seven classes a semester; and on the other hand, I also need to take care of my club as well as work. Therefore, time management plays a significant role for me to survive. In terms of prioritizing tasks, I will manage it based on its importance/urgence, like the deadlines, and how long it will take me to work on it, like if it requires group work. I usually mark my exam dates, meetings and appointments on my phone calendar. Together to check with my class schedules, I could check my free time for more meeting times and to evaluate the tasks need to be done in terms of prioritizing. Every night I would double check what I supposed to do the day after during what time slots and if I have finished everything for today.

For this internship, I was assigned with some daily maintenance for the CRM system on bitrix as well as some checkings whenever something new created. In this way, I would be more familair with the CRM system as well as the general process of business of the company. This is because, later, we are going to do some video tutorials for the use of the system, to increase the efficiency in general and also to reduce the working loads in my department. Therefore, the first thing I did everyday is always to check the stystems in whole and to see if there is any abnomality, like data, name, etc.. Sometimes, my supervisor will assign me more tasks to do. Other than that, I would spend some time learning the PHP code as the system is heavily based on it. Thus, it is better if I have at least some general understandings of it. Have learned more regarding the system, I proposed some of my ideas for improvement as well as anything would be beneficial for possible future research. Glad most of them being adapted and used for the improvement. I will always check if everything is alright before leaving and few times during the day; and I will also check the problem of each deals or items if it is being fixed after sending all the feedbacks to my supervisor and then to all the other colleagues earlier. It’s always a fulfillment and enjoyment if my work makes some difference to the system. Looking forward to do more in my internship.