Intentional Leadership

I learned to appreciate everything that was around me on the trek. Since there was major snowfall in the Himalayas this year we had to shorten the distance we were going to travel over the 10 days we were hiking. Having this change made me slow down and really enjoy everything I saw on the trip. We took our time and stayed comfortable while learning about the environment around us as much as we can. Although it was slower pace is made me appreciate and notice everything I miss when I speed through life.

The porters on our trip taught me a lot about servant leadership. They were constantly looking for us to have the best experience possible no matter what. They worked tirelessly and were always asking how we were feeling and if they could improve. They put all of our needs above theirs and wanted us to learn and enjoy our time as much as possible. This taught me a lot about what the effect of completely selfless leadership has on a person. Gunga was always doing the little things and going above and beyond to help each and every one of us. He would help me open my lunch tin and adjust my gaitors or lend me a hand. They carved us incredible ice steps and scoured each route before we set off that day to make sure we would be safe and comfortable.

As a leader I want to continue to embrace my own authenticity and my values. I think that a strong leader is one who has high morals and values and sticks to them while leading others. Another thing that I want to work on in my personal leadership is considering each ones of my followers and how they are feelings. It is easy for me to sometimes get caught up in my own wants and needs and neglect others. Lastly, I want to continue to be aware of the leadership style that I am embracing. Although I fall more heavily into one category of leadership I think that each person uses all different styles of leadership depending on the situation they are in. After learning about each theory I think that it would be beneficial for me to be aware of the style I am using in order to be the most effective.