Becoming a Local

I have been in London for a little over a week now and I am already obsessed with this city. There is so much to do and see here; I can’t believe I only have five more weeks to do it all. For these next few weeks I will be living in a flat with four other girls. Two of these girls are from Pitt and the other two go to school in Minnesota and Arizona. I only knew one girl going into this trip, but after only one week my flat mates and I do almost everything together.

We were fortunate enough to be placed in a flat in Goldhawk which is located near Shepherd’s Bush. This area is a little west of the city, but we are located right next to an underground. This is convenient because we can easily travel anywhere in the city. Not only is this location great, but the area around our flat is very friendly and there are plenty of places to eat close by. We are also within walking distance of the Westfield Mall which is dangerous since it is such a huge mall and I love to shop.

As much as I love this new home it has been a bit of an adjustment having to commute almost everywhere. While we can easily hop on the tube going anywhere in London, the commute and sitting on the tube can sometimes seem never ending.

I began my internship at the Langham Hotel this week and after a long day of work I wanted nothing more than to be home. Unfortunately, it took me about an hour to commute home because I had to wait for a tube and then during rush hour the tubes are full and stop for slightly longer. When I am tired, the commute home can feel never ending, but this is the only negative I have experienced, and it is one I expected. To deal with this I have begun to grab the free newspaper to entertain myself on the tube and help the ride go a little quicker.

Another thing I love about my new home is my internship. I did not expect to enjoy an internship of basic accounting as much as I do. Everyone in the office is very friendly and welcoming. I just started and unfortunately it is the end of the month, so my office is insanely busy. Regardless of these stressful times everyone in my office is so upbeat and still makes time to be friendly and laugh occasionally.

Through my internship experience so far and talking with professionals here in the UK I have come to notice that the work culture here is much more relaxed and friendly. Regardless of stress levels people try to be calm and respectful towards one another and their time.

Looking back on my first week in London, I can’t believe it has only been this short of a time. I feel like I am finally adapting to my life here and making the transition from tourist to local very quickly.