A Look Into the Third Week

This week I was lucky enough to take advantage of the holiday weekend. I spent my extra 2 days off on a trip to south France. Within this trip I was able to experience Toulouse, one of the prettiest cities I have ever seen, try a true french croissant, eat the best bread of my life (for less than one euro), and lay on the amazing beaches of France. The biggest challenge of the trip was navigating the flight and public transportation. The location that we chose for the beach was very slow and relaxed, in fact, the buses and taxis stopped running at 9pm on a Friday night which none of us expected. In addition, our google maps app didn’t show the correct train times, therefore, we were stuck at the train station longer than expected. This lead to four girls sprinting through the Toulouse airport hoping to make their fight on time – thankfully, the security line was short enough and we made it before the plane even began boarding passengers.

Regarding my internship, this week was not the easiest. To start off the week, 10 Mac Book Pros were stolen from the office. This was a huge shock for everyone in the company because whoever stole them had to have easy access to the area that we work in. Not only did this cost the company thousands of dollars but it also caused 10 coders to have no device to code on all day which pushed the engineering and web design team back greatly. In addition, the office introduced ten new members to the Freighthub team at the beginning of the week. I was shocked when I heard that number, within the three weeks that I have joined this company almost 15 people total have joined with me. However, working for such a fast growing company is extremely exciting.  Impressingly enough, the company has set a goal to hire over 100 addition new employees by the end of the year.

Lastly, I had to say goodbye to my main point person in the finance department as he left working at Freighthub to begin his own startup.  For the last few months he had only been working at our company part time, the other half of the time he was working in his own office trying to get his startup off the ground.  Although our time together was short, he taught me everything he could about the background of Freighthub, how I can efficiently organize my life while managing my time and the ins and out of the set up of the finance department in itself. Watching him leave was very sad because he had been with the company since its inception, therefore, there were a lot of sad goodbyes that I witnessed. With his exit my mentor, or “buddy” as Freighthub calls it, will move to the head of the finance department. This may sound like a cool transition, but it is also really intimidating. Because he is the head of the finance department, he is an extremely busy guy. In fact, just this week he got a shout out from the founders for pulling an all nighter in order to prepare for another set of funding that the company is hoping to secure in the upcoming future. In addition, he is always in the office before I arrive at 9 and plans to at leave 8pm at night. He is definitely hard working and career driven. As a result, because he has so much on his plate from backing the entire finance department, I find it harder to go to him with questions which causes some uncertainty in my internship. Right before my old boss left he was teaching the ways of a cash flow project which I will start taking on soon. It was really interesting seeing all the back end information of the company through the cash flows of the company. For example, how much we spent on salaries, the breakfast, pizza and beer we get for everyone on Fridays, the travel expenses, and operating expenses verses how much we were bringing in. In order to navigate some of the uncertainties that I have working on this new responsibility, I consulted my parents because they both have lifetime careers in the accounting department. My dad was able to guide me into understanding the importance of an excel cash flow and was even able to give me an example of a layout that his company currently uses.  In the end, I need to remind myself that no matter how busy my boss gets, he is always willing to help me and would prefer that I seek him out for guidance.