Week 3: Navigation

Last Thursday, 5/30, is the national holiday of Germany! So lucky to get the Friday off, which means I got a four-day holiday to go somewhere else. After a long-time debating and searching, we ended up to Croatia. We left on Thursday morning, spent two nights in Dubrovnik, Croatia, then one night in Split, Croatia and got back on Sunday night. Both of those two are coastal cities, everything there is so fascinating and nice! Usually, I don’t have any detailed plans for traveling but my friend is somehow good at finding out the sights we have to visit and recommended restaurants. It’s a perfect match for us! To travel, experience and explore is always the best way to learn a place. Even though we missed the bus from Dubrovnik to Split and ended up getting another ticket, other than that, everything is fine. Weather forecast is very unreliable here. We were so frustrated at first as it said rainy every day, but actually the weather is perfect besides a little bit coldness in the morning and at night. There’s only a small market in the middle of the old town of Dubrovnik, so better to prepare everything for traveling. We didn’t take any boat tour since we didn’t have enough time but it’s definitely a must try for my next visit here in the future! Split is actually much smaller than we thought of and it was rainy our day of arrival and Sunday morning as well. The cathedral has not opened to the public for three years already. You probably will be more interested in here if you like history. There is always a lot happened in the journey, expected or unexpected. It is because of all things happened that made up the memories make everything unforgettable.

There are always pros and cons and nothing is absolutely better than the other but people’s own choices. I always think about plan B and what I should do if the worst scenario comes. Not everything follows what you planned ahead so be calm and don’t worry too much for what will happen (This is definitely not a legitimate excuse for not planning things ahead like me). Various things might happen in a journey: language barrier, GPS not working, flat tire, booking confirmation not confirmed, wrong dates booking and so on (yeah all happened to me before TAT). Instead of misfortunes, to me, more importantly is how people view it. It is those unforgetable experiences that make each journey unique and at least you know what you should do if anything comes to you again. People tend to learn and remember things much quicker through own experiences instead of through textbooks or things taught by others. For that, I learned to double check all my booking details, to replace tire by myself, to roughly plan a trip, etc..

From my point of view, flexibility and adaptiblity are something people could learn to get it, usually through continuous experiences. Since the more happened to you, the more you get used to it. For my internship, I don’t know if it is becuase my company is not that big and has people all over the world. Communication does not seem to be a problem here like instructions. Besides, my supervisor is really nice and told me that I should have no hesitation to interrupt him whenever I have questions or need help no matter he is busy or not. To talk to each others and work on the systems, we could always find out something new for improvement, especially the company just started to use this new CRM system two months ago, To be familiary with the stystem, I have to play with it myself to see how everything works. Therefore, I kinda know why things are designed in specific ways. I don’t really have much to do here so far since each person has their own specirfic duties but maybe more for me later. I’m so glad my working could make some changes to the system in a more efficient way. Furthermore, if I have any questions, it’s usually not towards working or assigned tasks but somethings small, like the use of coffee machine in the kitchen or anything need to take care of after using the kitchen. Always good to ask even though I still didn’t get everybody’s names yet. Overall, I feel very flexible working here, not really harsh requirements.