Adapting to Ireland

I have now officially been in Dublin for one week and am excited to finally start my internship at Dublin City University’s Business School tomorrow. When I first arrived in Dublin I did not know what to expect, as I had never traveled outside the country before and only knew one other person going on the trip. Luckily, everyone I have met here has been very friendly and I have already made some great knew friends both from the University of Pittsburgh and Emory who I have traveled around the city with. All of the locals I have encountered thus far have been friendly as well, and they were very willing to help with me directions when necessary. However, while I can understand the majority of people very well some locals do have very thick accents that are difficult to decipher. After receiving an orientation from EUSA about what to expect on the program, as well as some of the cultural differences between the United States and Ireland, I was able to walk around the main area of Dublin for the first time on Tuesday. The city was great to experience, as it is far older than any city in America, and that is apparent from the way it is laid out and some of the old cobble roads. Initially I was worried about navigating around the city and back to Shanowen Square (the housing where I am staying at) by bus, but it is not too confusing, especially when utilizing google maps. On Wednesday I was able to experience a variety of games I had never played before including Gaelic football, hurling, and handball. I was able to learn the basic skills of the games and even partake in a few scrimmages, as we were taught by the local Gaelic Athletic Association team. On Saturday we went on a bus tour of some of the more rural areas of Ireland  in nearby Wicklow including Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park, and Powerscourt Gardens (voted the third most beautiful gardens in the world by national geographic). I very much enjoy being out in nature, especially new places with scenic views, so this day was probably my favorite part of the trip so far. I am looking forward to seeing the other beautiful locations Ireland has to offer, as well as potentially other European countries. 

Powerscourt Garden

As far as my internship is concerned, I will conducting economic research for Dublin City University’s Business School. As a result, I will be working in the field of academic research. As I discussed in my SWOT analysis, this internship will differ to an extent from a traditional sales driven business, as the goal is to acquire and disseminate research as opposed to making a profit. I believe that I will need strong technical skills in Microsoft Excel to be successful with this research, as it was stated that this would be the main program used to record information and data. I will also need to utilize my technical reading skills, as a lot of the information I will be gathering will be gotten from newspapers and articles. I will need to be sure I take my time and process all of the information that I read so it can be properly recorded and used. I also will need to be patient, as finding out the economic impacts of Brexit and other world events on Ireland will certainly not be easy, as many of the world’s top economists are still not sure as to how Brexit will impact the countries of Europe. It will likely take some time for my research to produce some definitive results or findings. In regards to competencies that may be different in Ireland than in the United States, I am may need to be more willing to get out of my comfort zone and converse heavily with my coworkers, as it seems as though the Irish like to develop personal relationships in the workplace to build trust and camaraderie. I would say I am naturally an introvert when first meeting new people, but I think I will be fine as all the Irish locals I have talked to so far when exploring Dublin have been easy to talk to, and I found many of them to have great senses of humor even throughout my brief interactions. There are also two other students staying at Shanowen Square who will be working at the DCU Business