Dubs in Dublin

After months of anticipation, I’ve finally landed and spent my first week in Dublin. Leading up to my departure day, I was very calm, cool, and collected and surprisingly not worried about leaving the United States for two months. The day of my flights, however, my mood had completely changed. I felt overwhelmed and nervous and unsure of what would happen. When I finally landed in Dublin at 5 am (midnight back home) without a night of sleep, I had a very long and stress-filled first day. My second day after a full night of sleep was much better though! We had a more intensive orientation and learned about our internship placement logistics, which put my mind at ease. The rest of Week 1 consisted of a lot of exploring the city and getting to know our way around. We took a daytrip to the Wicklow mountains, which was beautiful and a must see for anyone visiting Dublin.

My internship this summer is with a company that owns and operates restaurants, bars, and a bookshop, so it is classified in the entertainment and hospitality industries. The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive in any city, especially an emerging one like Dublin. Because of this There are key skills and strengths necessary for an organization to be successful in the industry. Some of them are:

              Quality Product and Service- Any company should put out quality products and treat their patrons well, but with the intense competition for restaurants in Dublin, it is especially important for my organization. They need a good reputation online for tourists looking for the best restaurant in the area. In a city with a lot of tourists, great service is also extremely important. A lot of people want to feel welcomed into a new city and learn about it through the locals and restaurant staff are always good people to turn to with questions.

              With so many competitors so close by, quality must be a key deliverable for the organization. There are multiple restaurants and bars on every street in city center, and new places are emerging as well. They have to produce restaurants to stand out, and hiring the right people to bring great quality products and service is a simple and easy way to do just that.

              Location- In the entertainment and hospitality industries, location is key. You want your restaurants to be easily spotted, look attractive, and be near other attractions. Luckily for the organization I am interning with, most of their restaurants are situated perfectly right in Dublin city center. They are all right on the River Liffey, which runs right through Dublin. There are many bridges over it so people from either side can come and access them. They have great signage on the outside to draw in customers. They also have a restaurant not exactly in the city center, which will draw in other crowds and is likely a spot for many regular customers.

              Advertising- As I’ve mentioned before, the entertainment and hospitality industries are incredibly competitive, especially in a city like Dublin. Restaurants and bars need to do ample advertising to gain the attention of potential customers. I think the best form of advertising for restaurants nowadays is online. Everyone goes online to find restaurant recommendations, so people could see their advertisement online and easily look up the restaurant’s website or customer reviews.

              Advertising is a great way to stand out from the competitors, however, I have not seen many other types of advertising over the week I’ve been here. I haven’t seen many billboards, flyers, or other typical methods of advertising. The only method of advertising I remember has been ads on public transportation. For a restaurant, I don’t think that would be as good of a method as it would be for other products/services. Overall, I think good advertising online to get the restaurants’ names out and known would be the best method to stand out and get attention to gain customers.

              Loyal Customers- As any business, the organization’s restaurants will only be able to operate if they bring in enough revenue from customers. At restaurants, a lot of revenue is brought in by returning customers who stay loyal to their regular spots. In Dublin with all of the different restaurant options, it is very important for their restaurants to have customers that always come back. While I don’t know yet, I think the nice and homey feel of the restaurants would bring people coming back for years.

As the week has come and gone, I’ll be starting my internship tomorrow. I’m very eager to see how it will go and finally start getting to know some locals that I’ll be working with. Furthermore, my first week in Dublin has been a really great time, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!