This past week abroad has been a very eventful one. I went to 4 cities in about 3 days. My friends and I wanted to go to a beach because we had a long weekend. We left Thursday morning and cam back Sunday. We thought it would be an easy and relaxing time. While it was relaxing for a little bit, it was also a little stressful because there were so many moving pieces. We flew into Toulouse and stayed there the night. Toulouse was lovely. It is also called the Pink City because of the color of most of the buildings. The next morning we woke up early to get a train to Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a medieval city in South France. This was a really cool experience because I had never been to a medieval city. We could only stay there for an hour and then had to take another train to Béziers. There was limited public transportation to get to our final destination because it was a small beach town, so we had to then take a cab to our flat. After planes, trains, and automobiles we finally arrived at our destination of Sérignan. Sérignan was a very small town about 15 minutes from the beach. It was lovely and the people were friendly, but it was a shock coming from Berlin. Very few people spoke English and none of us spoke French, so there were times when it was difficult to communicate. In Berlin most people speak English, but I also speak German, so there is a comfort there. The public transportation in South France is also incredibly unreliable. This was such a change from the precision of the transportation in Germany. While the train rides and the beach were beautiful, it could get stressful at times trying to coordinate everything. Thinking that we had successfully adapted and understood the transportation and everything, we were extra careful to plan everything precisely getting back. But of course, not everything can run that perfectly. We had a taxi scheduled to take us to the station only to find out that the train that we had saw online was just not running that day. We then had to train to another city and wait an hour for a train back to Toulouse. At this point we were cutting it close to our flight. We had to take an Uber to the airport and sprint to security. We made it there with plenty of time, but the stress of the day took a toll on us. It was indeed an unforgettable trip and I’m glad we did it, but from now on we are not going to be so ambitious with our plans and plan everything more thoroughly.

The trip taught be an important lesson of adaptability. When problems like that arise you can either freak out about it and have it stress you out, or you can stay calm and think of another plan. Before coming on this trip I was a person who would get nervous and slightly shut down when something went wrong. I have now figured out a way to balance my emotions so that I can more effectively handle situations that don’t go my way. I had to take a lead and be more responsible, which then forced me to stay calm and collected.

As far as work is concerned, I am very flexible. Since it’s such a small company everyone does a little bit of everything, me included. While I mainly focus on marketing, I also assist with writing content and other tasks. My supervisor gives me a lot of freedom to work on projects that I want to work on. He’s also good at giving me feedback, which I appreciate. Whenever there is ambiguity in the task or the job he makes it very easy for me to work things through and talk them out. At times when he is doing other work, I work through the issues myself by doing my own research, or working on other professional development aspects. One thing I’ve been working on on the side is different Google courses such as Google Digital Marketing. Finding other tasks to take upon yourself can be very helpful and more productive in the long run. At the end of the job I will have not only the experience, but also other certificates and skills that I have developed.

This week has been challenging and exciting, and I have made some memories I will never forget. Until next time.