Time Management & Toledo


Today marks one week since I began my internship at Icofunding and I have had to stay ahead in order to manage my time during the work week.  My days typically beginning around 8:30am.  I wake up, shower, eat breakfast and embark on my journey to the office around 9:15.  Everyday I take the metro to work (the subway).  It’s roughly 40 minutes in total to get from my home in Manuel Becerra all the way to the office which is in Cuatro Caminos.  I typically arrive at the office around 10:00am and I usually talk with my co-workers for the first 30 minutes.  Afterwards I begin working by researching various STO’s and potential new startups that could potentially benefit from and STO or ICO in order to finance their growth plan.  Throughout the day I receive various tasks that require me to help out virtually everyone else in the office.  In order to ensure that I stay on top of my work, I delegate my time in 90 minuter intervals to the other three employees so that I can help out in all areas of the company.  Some of my work includes gathering financial statements, writing legal memorandums, designing new features of the websites and conducting market research.  I typically get off work at 7.  Once I am dismissed, I return home where I tend to relax for an hour and then I talk with my host family.  Then we usually eat dinner around 9:00pm.  Depending on the day of the week, I will either go out with my friends, exercise or simply watch Netflix after dinner.  Overall, my schedule has certainly become busy but I know that if I delegate my time and stay organized, I will be able to maintain a work/life balance.

On a more adventurous note, this past weekend was one for the ages.  On Saturday night, the Tottenham Hotspurs were defeated by Liverpool in the Champions League final right here in Madrid–and I got to experience it all.  Over the course of the weekend, thousands of fans from England filled the streets of Madrid singing the songs of their respective clubs determined for a victory.  From the end of the day Friday until after the game on Saturday, my friends and I attended both of the fan zones for each team and got to experience the pure excitement of all of the fans who had travelled from England to will their teams to victories.  It was almost as if we travelled to England without getting on a plane.  It was certainly an experience of a life time that I will remember forever.

Once the dust settled and the Champions League Final was in the rearview mirror, my friends and I travelled south towards Toledo.  In Toledo, we spent the whole day touring the city, visiting some historical landmarks and learning about the in depth history of the city.  One of the most interesting things I got to see was the Toledo Cathedral which was erected in the mid 1200’s.  When we first arrived, I was taken back by the amount of detail that went into the massive gothic style structure.  Once inside, we saw some of the largest organs in the world, visited the crypts and witnessed some of the greatest woodcuts in the world.  Perhaps the most breath taking moment, was when I got to touch the rock which is believed to be the rock that the Virgin Mary originally descended onto.  It was quite an amazing experience.  After the Cathedral, we took a bus across the river in order to get a panoramic view of the city–a great place to snap a pic for this blog.  After exploring Toledo for the day, I returned home and prepared for yet another week at work.

Next week I will discuss my third week along with next weekend’s travels.

Hasts luego