Becoming a Londoner

Commuting to and from work and school has become so familiar, I know exactly where i’m going without a second thought. I even see the same people on the streets and the tube making my way through the vast city. I prefer walking to taking the tube or the bus most days, so I can avoid the crowded station and not having a place to sit. I have a great advantage to other students because my commute to both school and work is only 20-30 mins. I am extremely lucky that my commute is so short because the tube can be so unpredictable, with being held at red lights to trains breaking down, it isn’t the most reliable way of transportation. I choose to walk because I want to take advantage of the limited days that are actually sunny and cloudless, and I want to remember every building and the people i walk by before I have to say goodbye. It has gone by so much faster than I expected and I want it to last forever. I know when it is over i will long for the days I wake up to rain, running to the tube station only to be stuck and making me late for work or school. Some tips for incoming students is don’t take the tube if you can walk, even if it’s a long commute, take advantage of the sunny days that London barely gets. It will also be a lot hotter in the crowded trains than it is outside walking. It is also a great time to actually see the city and not just the touristy places. You will notice when you enter a new neighborhood or borough and you will feel so much closer with the city and an actual Londoner. If your internship is a lot farther, then take a day on the weekend to explore where you will be working. Getting to know the area is so instrumental when talking to coworkers, knowing what restaurants or pubs they are talking about will make conversations flow so much better and it will impress them that you know the area. Finally, don’t be oblivious to the fact that you are in a huge city in a different country, it’s okay to be impressed by the little things even if it means nothing to others. Notice the little things because only you will have those memories forever and have meaning to only you.