Week One in Ireland

Hey all, it’s me again! My first week in Ireland has come to a close. Time is flying! This week has been amazing. This being our “orientation” week, we got to explore the city of Dublin, figure out the transportation system, and visited Wicklow, the Guinness Lake and Powerscourt. In addition, we got to take part in some Gaelic games, such as football, hurling, and handball. It was a week full of fun adventure and immediate inclusion into the Irish culture!

During the week, we had the opportunity to go to the center of Dublin to Trinity College, a highly praised college in Ireland. While there, I was able to observe the beautiful traditional architecture of the buildings (Trinity College is over 425 years old!). As a group, we all purchased our Student Leap Cards. These cards let students pay a discounted price for the Dublin Busses. After this, some of us grabbed lunch at a pub right next to Trinity College campus overlooking a terrace. Great food and a great view! Afterwards, a group of us visited the Book of Kells. Not only does this library contain Christian Gospels dating back to 800AD, it also contains over 200,000 books! Afterwards, we then took a scenic walk through the city to the Jameson Distillery. We went on a tour there and learned about the multi-step distilling process that goes into each Jameson bottle, and even got a free drink on the house!

Getting the chance to participate in some of the Gaelic Games was incredible. Taking part in football, hurling, and handball gave me a taste at how fast paced and intense the sports are here in Ireland. It was also interesting to learn how these sports compare and differ to the ones I am used to at home.

Over the weekend, we all hopped on a bus to visit Wicklow, the Guinness Lake, and Powerscourt. The day consisted of beautiful walks and scenic drives. Powerscourt was especially gorgeous to me. It was ranked 3rd most beautiful garden in the world – and rightfully so! I had been there a few years ago with family, but let me tell you, the beauty and elegance of Powerscourt never gets old.

Next week I will be beginning work at Wallace Myers International. Wallace Myers is a recruitment agency located just a little bit south of Trinity College. This week, I visited the office and briefly met all the workers. Everyone was so welcoming and I can’t wait to get started! Just like any job, working at Wallace Myers is going to require a certain set of skills in order to be successful.

Being a part of a recruitment company, I will be dealing not only with the workers within the firm but also with the clients we are helping. For this reason, communication is a very important skill to have for this internship. To be able to communicate well on all fronts of the business will make the job flow smoothly. Another skill that will be important for Wallace Myers will be time management. This will not surprisingly be my first time working internationally. For this reason, it will be easy for me to get overwhelmed with work. Also, I will want to continue exploring the country; more of a reason to manage my time well. Lastly, I will be dealing with a variety of tasks during my internship, so it is vital I get all my work done well and on time. This will require a good work ethic and great time management. One more skill needed for this internship will be confidence. Coming from another country and having the incredible opportunity to work for such a great company as Wallace Myers may be overwhelming at first, but I have to be able to hold my own. No matter what tasks I am assigned, I have to remain confident and positive at all times.

There is one more key skill required for this internship, and it is specific to the firm’s location in Ireland. Later in the internship, I will be dealing with different clients on the phone to gather information and answers to a set of questions. This may seem like a simple task, but it can be tough (at first) when it involves interacting with people from a different country.

I can’t wait to start at the wonderful organization known as Wallace Myers International and work with such a great team of hardworking and welcoming people. I will be back in 7 days to discuss my first week at work…I look forward to keeping you all updated on my journey! Slainte!

Ryan Carr