Week 3 – Adaptability and Flexibility

As I spend more time in Berlin, I continuously become more comfortable here. Berlin is a huge city and upon arrival I was a little intimidated by its sheer size. I felt like I would not be able to get a sense of directions here and that I would struggle to navigate through the city. However, because of all the exploring I have done, it has not been nearly as hard to get a sense of direction here as I previously thought. Another aspect of Berlin’s size that made me a little nervous was that I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I wanted to in my time here. There are so many cool things that I want to do here in Berlin and with every passing day that list becomes bigger. Even though this list keeps growing and expanding, I believe that I have done a good job so far of exploring the city and doing the things here that I want to do. Being here for eight weeks gives me an advantage because I do have more time here than the typical tourist that may only be here for a week or so.

By now, I believe that I have visited all the major and very popular tourist attractions here in Berlin, and they were very cool to see. However, I think I am more interested in the attractions that are less known and sought out. For example, there is a park that is about a ten minute walk from the hotel I am staying at and on Sundays this park becomes a Thai flea market. There is amazing and authentic Thai food as well as handmade clothing and accessories for really cheap prices. I was told by one of my co-workers that a couple of years ago, Thai people began to meet up every Sunday to have a picnic in the park. This gathering grew and grew from that point until now, and it has evolved into a great flea market. It is places like this that I find really interesting and cool to visit. I hope that throughout the rest of my time here in Berlin, I will be able to discover more unique places and events like this one.

So far I have really enjoyed my time working at my internship. My co-workers and bosses have all been really supportive and helpful as I became acclimated to the office and the work. I have been given a good amount of independence with the work that I am doing, which is something that I really like. However, this independence can lead to moments of uncertainty and ambiguity. Most of the time, the directions for the work I am doing is pretty straightforward and I have comprehended the directions quite easily, but there are still times when something pops up unexpectedly and I am not quite sure how to handle it. The first thing that I do to try to manage the situation and the problem at hand is to try to figure it out myself. I like to think that I am pretty resourceful and can figure things out for myself, so when something is unclear I can sometimes figure it out. I can do this by looking at the previous work that was done by my bosses and then try to configure the work the right way in accordance to their work. When I do this and it works out well, I still always try to ask my supervisor when they look free for a second to just make sure that it was done correctly. If I cannot figure out what to do on my own, then I will ask one of my supervisors for clarification. It is important to me that I am not disturbing them from doing their own work so that I don’t come across as bothersome. To avoid this from happening, I try to make my question as refined as possible so that who I am asking the question can quickly answer. I also try to make sure I understand what is wrong and try to come up with ways to fix this problem in my head so that I can offer solutions when I ask the question. I try to make my question easy and stress free from whoever I am asking. Everyone who I am working with here has been extremely helpful and I doubt that I would ever be in a situation where they will be upset to help me with my problem. This is great because I don’t feel pressured to have to come up the solution myself, and I can think calmly and clearly.