Don’t Miss This

After living here for a number of months, I have curated a list of my favorite places to visit, eat, and drink coffee. If you have the chance to visit Buenos Aires, you absolutely have to go to these places.


  1. MALBA
    • This museum reminds me of a tiny version of the MOMA, but almost all the art is uniquely Latin American—and although we all love Frida Kahlo, there are so many more important and influential artists. The museum is full of light, colorful, and super fun to walk through. It also offers student discounts if you show your student I.D. card. My favorite exhibit is “Mundo Propia Fotografía Moderna Argentina 1927 – 1962.” Here’s a link if you’re interested in checking it out. I included one of my favorite photos from Horacio Coppola below
  2. Mercado San Telmo and Palermo Sohocoppola
    • Vintage shopping is fun anywhere but especially unique in the colorful, vibrant markets of San Telmo and Palermo Soho. Belts, dresses, shirts, hats, funky jackets—everything you can think of. Everyone dresses to impress in Buenos Aires, so it’s absolutely essential to have a collection of cute, well-fitting outfits in your wardrobe
  3. El Cuartitio
    • Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! And, delicious empanadas. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite at the bar (where you stand and quickly eat your pizza if you only have 10 minutes) or a meal with your friends and family, Cuartito is the place to go. After 9 o’clock, it always has a line that fills up the block because Argentinians eat dinner pretty late at night. Definitely a must see!
  4. Círcolo Italiano
    • This is by far my favorite restaurant in the city—it is hidden away on la calle de Libertad in the Italian Consulate. To get there, you walk through a fancy columned building and through a large glass door. I would recommend to sit in the garden, relax, listen to jazz, drink a lemonade or a glass of wine and order the best parmesan-pear risotto I have ever come across. The tiramisu is also commendable.
  5. Full City Coffee Houseitaliano
    • If you need a relaxing day doing your homework—this cute café is the place. Soft music, excellent coffee––whether you are a fan of the the latte or the chemex—and artistic university students make this a perfect place to talk and relax. Very trendy and instagrammable, it also reminds me a little bit of the dumb coffee shops at home. You might run into some of the other international exchange students that are attracted to this vibe. Also, fun fact, Buenos Aires has recently banned plastic straws!


Good luck!