My Commute

I am now almost done with my second week as an intern for the GWS Giants and I can confidently say getting around Sydney is incredibly easy. When I have work, I walk over to Central Station, which is only a five-minute walk from my apartment. Once at Central, I scan my Opal card and head to platforms 18 and 19. Fortunately, my first stop, Lidcombe, is a major stop, so I can take four different train lines there. I usually wait for a train that gets there in seven to four stops. There are some trains that will take around fifteen stops to get there, but I make sure not to take one of those. I usually wait anywhere from two minutes to ten minutes for my train to arrive. The ride to Lidcombe only takes about thirty minutes. Once at Lidcombe, I head to platform zero and get on the train to Olympic Park. The Olympic park train only goes back and forth between Lidcombe and Olympic park, so it comes every ten minutes at both stops. Once at Olympic Park, I walk ten minutes and I am at my job site.

At first, I thought my commute was way too far. Many other people in my program commute a few blocks for work, but my attitude has completely changed since the first week. My internship is great, and the commute goes by quickly. Olympic Park is a very cool area and it’s a great place to work. There are only two negatives about my commute though. Sometimes I just miss a train at Lidcombe or Olympic Park, and I must wait ten minutes for the next one to come, and by the time I get off work, the sun is setting, so my commute makes it feel like it is later than it is, but it is Winter, so the early sunset is normal.

Opal cards are the key to getting around Sydney. Fortunately, CAPA provided me with one and they reload funds onto it when I run low. Having an Opal card allows you to go around the city and the surrounding area with ease. Since being in Sydney, I have yet to get an Uber, because the trains and buses have taken me where I need to go. Sydney is a massive city, but it is incredibly easy to navigate. The trains and bus routes are easy to learn, and a lot of destinations can be reached by just walking. If you are worried about navigating Sydney, do not fret, you will catch on quick.