Living in Sydney

I have been in Sydney, Australia for a little over 2 weeks on my study abroad program. So far it has been an awesome experience. I have started my internship and classes and have also been able to travel and explore a decent amount. We have been lucky enough to go downtown and to the harbor to see the opera house. As well as going on a harbor cruise to see the entire city. We’ve gone to the Blue Mountains and Bondi Beach. This weekend we are even going to the Great Barrier Reef! Our living conditions aren’t to bad either.

We live at The Breakfree on George Street. It is a hotel in the heart of chinatown. It is honestly in a perfect location as everything we would need to go to is within a 20 minute walk or a short train ride. The harbor is really close to our place and we have been lucky enough to go there a bunch of times. There are multiple malls right by us as well as grocery stores and other shops. Not to mention all of the good food by us. Every street is filled with Asian food. My favorite place has to be Sushi Hub. It is only $9.00 Australian for 3 rolls! I think i’ve gone there like 10 times so far.

Our new home was given to us by the University. We live in a very nice hotel room. Our hotel room is definitely not the nicest one though. Compared to the Oklahoma students are room is a tiny box. They all have huge suites with full kitchens, washing and drying in the room, and they all have their own queen size bed in their own room. It’s really nice. But I’m not complaining I like my room. I live with one roommate. He is actually my roommate at school as well. We have been having a really good time and have become friends with everyone on the trip.

I think there is only 3 minor issues, nothing enough to ruin our experience whatsoever. The first issue is that there aren’t any drawers in our room. Most students are living out of their suitcases but we improvised and put all our clothes on the desk. The next issue is that we don’t have access to go to other floors from the elevator. This is only a minor inconvenience as we can take the stairs which I’m fine with because its exercise. The last minor issue is that laundry is expensive here!!! Besides that everything has been great.

I have really been enjoying my time in Australia and my living experience has played a big part in that. I am excited for the rest of my time here!