Living Life in Linköping

Sadly, my time in Sweden is coming to an end, exchanges are temporary, but it’s nice to imagine what life could be like if I decided to live here. Linkoping is a nice city, its simple but has all the basic things you need. It’s only a few hours from major cities such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Gothenburg. It’s a nice place to grow up and have a family and a wonderful place to be a student, something I’m thankful to have had experience in.

If I had to choose a place to live, I would choose the city center. It’s the most central location in the town. The bike rides to all the other neighborhoods are short, all the bus lines run through here, there are plenty of stores and supermarkets within walking distance and it’s the hub of the city. The apartments in the city are also quite nice and more of an adult style versus the student apartments I am currently living in. The city center is also relatively safe although that can be said about almost all of Linköping.

If I had to choose a full time job, I think I would want to be a professor in business at the university. The university is a very big and very important aspect of the city. It’s a big reason why the city is known throughout Sweden and it’s a diverse institution that contributes a lot to the society. After studying here for six months I’ve come to love it and I would like to continue my time there in a different capacity. The staff comes from all around the world and many courses are taught in English, just like the ones I am currently taking.

As I was only here for six months there were a lot of things I missed in the previous semester and some things I will miss this summer. It would be cool to be a part of certain Swedish holidays like midsummers and even see how common holidays are celebrated differently here such as Christmas. It would also be a good opportunity to get to know more Swedish people. Swedes are known to be much more reserved than people from other countries. However, with patience and work and effort they really open up to you and can become amazing friends. 6 months is not quite enough time to achieve this, but with a more permanent stay, it is possible.