Managing my time during NBA Madness

I have just finished my first full week at my internship and I am loving my time in Toronto! There is always so much going on and so much to see. This weekend, the Toronto Raptor’s, Toronto’s NBA team, played in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. It felt like the whole city was watching Friday night as they played against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, CA. I met with some of the other students to watch the game at a viewing party downtown and the atmosphere was electric. The Raptors beat the Warriors, taking a 3-1 series lead and the city erupted into celebration. Everybody poured onto the streets, celebrating the win with cars honking their horns and the city lighting up the CN Tower red and white, the Raptor’s colors that night. The excitement was contagious and I couldn’t help but get excited and become a fan. The next game is back at home, IN TORONTO, and they have a chance to win the NBA Championship at home in front of their fans! The whole city will tune in again and it will explode if they win the championship! Friday night was so much fun but if they win Monday, it will be one of the most memorable days in a long time not just for me, but for the entire city of Toronto!

With all this excitement going on, it is a great way for me to transition into the prompt: Time Management. Time Management while abroad is one of the most important skills to develop as you have to balance taking the time to adjust to your new location, meeting new people, being productive at your new job, and finding personal time to relax and explore your new home. All of these factors can make it difficult to balance one’s time effectively and get the most out of your abroad experience.

Managing my time takes a lot of adjusting and tweaking to figure out a schedule that works best. One major area that I have to manage my time in is my commute. I believe the most important thing every day is showing up to work on time. I prioritize my commute because I always want to start the day off well. My commute varies and can be taxing at times, usually taking about an hour to get to work. Because I take public transportation every day, I always have to plan ahead. I have to walk a few blocks to get on the streetcar which is always packed to the brim. Occasionally, it is so full that myself and others can’t get on and have to wait for the next one. Waiting time for the next car to arrive also varies along with traffic, construction, and other delays which can all make my commute a little bit hectic. However, I always leave plenty of time as a safety net to minimize my chances of being late and reducing stress.

Once I have arrived at the office, there is plenty of work that needs to get done. My supervisor has the assigned tasks listed in a spreadsheet and I use the spreadsheet as a calendar in order to prioritize my work that needs to be completed by their specific deadlines. This helps me stay organized and plan out my work days. However, Pycap Corporation is in constant communication with its clients and consistently working to acquire new clients, creating an extremely unpredictable environment at times. This causes my tasks and roles to constantly change and shift my priorities between companies and projects. To manage this varying work environment, I always try to finish my work for projects that are due later in the week early, so that if and when a new assignment comes in, I can get to work on it straight away. Additionally, being hard working and having a positive attitude are vital because it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or become frustrated when your workload suddenly shifts and your plans have to change quickly. Nevertheless, if you approach the situation with the right mindset, it becomes a challenge instead of a problem.

Outside of the office, there are numerous events that I get attend with the company throughout the week, such as startup pitches, award ceremonies, and launch parties. These events outside the office also require planning ahead. I always add each event into my phone and laptop calendars to set reminders in order to make sure I’m on time and to make sure I don’t plan to work late on any of those nights.

Managing your time, whether attending class on Pitt’s campus, or working full time in a new city can be difficult. If you stay organized, prioritize what’s important, work diligently, and have the right attitude, managing your time becomes a smooth, everyday routine.