Permanent Porteño

As I prepare to leave Buenos Aires, it’s easy to wonder what it might be like if I were to never depart. A tempting thought, it allows me to ponder a new life in Argentina. Although there are many factors that go into making an international move, it’s fun to explore the exciting aspects like where I would live, what I would do for work, where I would hang out, and what I would eat.

If you asked any international student who’s studying in Buenos Aires where they would want to live, I bet 95% of them would say Palermo. I’d say that Buenos Aires is to New York as Palermo is to Brooklyn. Located just past Recoleta, it has the perfect mix of shopping, restaurants/bars, and residential spaces. Palermo is definitely associated with the younger crowd, as every weekend it comes alive with people coming in from all over the city. Whenever my friends and I are looking to try a new restaurant or explore a new park, we go to Palermo. The Japanese Garden, Planetarium, Modern Art Museum, and Botanical Garden are all located there in addition to several places that I’ve yet to check out.

As far as work, I’m sure there are more opportunities than I’m even aware of in Buenos Aires. In terms of the positions that I have been exposed to this past semester, I think one that seems especially fun would be a tour guide for English-speaking visitors. Although I can’t pretend to be an expert on any location in Argentina, it would be nice to keep traveling in order to become one! It’s been so enjoyable to meet people from all over the world, so I feel like being a guide would be a good fit for me. I’ve had the most amazing experiences while traveling around the country, so obviously it would be great if I could continue doing it while getting paid!

Something that I’ve grown to appreciate while staying in Buenos Aires is their ability to make an event out of meals. Eating out in the United States is typically a pretty efficient process. Here, an average lunch can last for about two hours. Although this can be inconvenient at times, it does allow you to not only take your time with eating, but also forces you to enjoy your company! If I lived here, I’d like to continue investigating the food culture of the city and how it differs across each neighborhood.

Although somewhat unrealistic, it’s fun to dream about what would happen if I never left Argentina. With that being said, who knows what will happen in the future!