A Brief Statement on Cultural Differences

I think that the German culture is actually really great, but since the prompt is asking me to write about the things that I don’t like, this is going to be about the things that I dislike the most.

So my first major issue is that there is so much smoking here in Germany, despite every tobacco container is legally required to state that smoking is lethal (I like that that’s a requirement though). From what I’ve seen so far, smoking is actually a much larger problem here than it is in the states. In Berlin, I’d say that about one in three adults smoke which is a bit of an issue for asthmatic like me. But the other major problem this causes is visible on the streets. The majority of the city is remarkably clean, I find very little trash on the streets, that is, except for cigarette butts, which I’d say probably average more than 1 cigarette butt per square foot of the city. Also of note, somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of smokers in this city roll their own cigarettes.

The only other cultural problem I have here is easily the worst for me considering that I have a huge (water) drinking problem. Throughout the entire city, there is maybe one water fountain. From what I’ve seen so far, it is very rare to get free water in the city. And although this is partially mitigated by the fact that the office I’m working in is fully stocked with water and other beverages, it pains me that it’s so much harder to be sustained on a refillable bottle. To be fair though, my drinking habits were out of control. In a three month study that I took last winter, I was drinking almost two gallons of water per day.