A Tale of Two Germanys

This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Munich, Germany’s third largest city, with just over 1.3 million people living there.  This also makes it the largest city, and capital of the federal state of Bavaria. It also has a far different feel from Berlin from what I was able to experience.  Just on face, the architecture and layout of Munich is different. Having suffered a far different fate both during and after World War II, Munich still has large amounts of architecture that date all the way back to the 1200’s.  This can be seen in the many original churches, government buildings, and squares that are present within the city with a prime example being the city gates and walls that were erected in the mid 1400s as defensive structures. Also, due to is status as capital of the Duchy and eventual Kingdom of Bavaria, Munich has also seen many building projects in the 1700’s and 1800’s.  Because of the immense wealth and power of the Bavarian Monarchy, many buildings like the Neues Rathaus, the buildings of the Ludwig Maximilian University, and the Nymphenburg Palace were all built during this time in a series of traditional South German, Classical, and Rococo architectural styles. This helped to add the different feel as compared to Berlin, which has a much more brutalist style of architecture given its history in the second half of the 1900’s.  This difference could also be seen in the food that was present. While Berlin has its fair share of traditional German eateries, it’s a fair assumption that the majority are international themed eateries. However, in Munich, the strong majority of eateries serve very traditional Geman meals. All of these things really helped to make you feel as though you were almost in a different country.


Another thing that was very interesting to see was the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.  Origionally built in 1933 as a camp for political prisioners and enemies of the Nazi party, the camp eventually evolved to serve as the roll model for how concentration camps were supposed to opperate.  As the Nazi adgenda slowly began to reveal itself, the camp began to take on more and more that were deemed unworthy, such as the Jews, Gypsys, and disabled. Though while not serving as one of the death camps, due to the large amount of prisoners at any time, many deaths did occur simply due to the conditions and overwork.  And what was even more startling was just how small the confines of prisoners quarter were. Averaging 25,000 prisoners at any time, you would expect the grounds to be far larger and have many more buildings, however this was not the case, and only added to the thoughts about the horrors that occurred. One thing that I thought was very interesting about the site was the religious buildings and monuments that are there.  And not just for those affected, but every major western religion had some sort of religious monument there. Visiting Dachau was an incredibly enriching experience. While we may learn about and talk about the Holocost and the attrocities of the Nazi regime, being able to visit one of the primary sights of these evils was an experience that I will never forget.


This past week at work proved to be an interesting one.  Due to my company currently being in an investment round right now, many of my coworkers are traveling for work to visit potential investors and clients.  This means that it is much more on me in order to get work done as there are not as many people to help out and get things done. However, one of the hardest things is that my boss was away all of last week.  While I was able to talk with her monday before she left for the week, there are always questions or scenarios that occur that need to be talked over in person instead of over email or the phone. One of the main areas where this occurred was with one of my assignments where I am supposed to find the answer for a legal question and then find concrete things to back it up.  Then, I’m supposed to write a memo on my findings. This created some uncertainty, as I did not know what this memo was supposed to look like or what was supposed to be included. However, I am navigating this by trying to use examples of memos and legal briefs that I have seen in the past in hopes of at least coming close to what my boss wanted.