My Morning Commute

My daily commute to work is definitely an interesting and extremely entertaining one. My commute begins by walking to central station, or Sydney’s version of Grand Central in New York City. Central is only a couple blocks from my hotel and can take you nearly anywhere in the city and with the opal (transit) cards we were given, we are really only blocks away from going all over Sydney with one tap. Upon entering central, which still never ceases to amaze me as I look around the beautiful architecture every time I enter, I tap my opal card and begin my walk to one of the farthest terminals to the T8 line. The T8 line can take me to work and also happens to be the line I will be taking to head back to the airport to head home, which is also nice and takes the stress away from the final day a bit. Once entering my train, there are multiple levels on each carriage with plenty of seats, and I’m lucky enough to have a train that stays above ground for part of my commute to take in more of the city. I stay on the T8 for two stops until I get to Mascot, a much smaller station but still has a little bit of charm compared to Central. From the Mascot station, I have about a 15-minute walk until I get to Yves Silviera Physiotherapy, where I work, that is located in a nice suburb area. I love the walk because it begins in a beautiful part of Sydney, with so many nice café’s that I don’t think I’ll be able try them all by the end of my time here. Mascot is also a very modern part of the city, with a lot of other young professionals often hustling around to get to work. My commute continues outside the bustling Mascot city center and out into the suburbs surrounding, where the sudden quiet area is very welcoming and calms any nerves I have while I get ready to start working. After about another 5 minutes, I arrive at my home physiotherapy clinic and set up at the front desk and begin to get ready for my day as an admin intern!