Berlin to Munich

This week I traveled to Nuremburg to another real estate site for my internship. It was only a day trip which meant we were up super early to get on the train for three hours and then back on the train that night for another 3 hours. Luckily this time we only had to visit one site so overall the trip went very smoothly. I am excited for this week because we are headed Munich to visit 2 properties, one of which is the companies largest property to date. I have been very eager to visit Munich because I’ve heard it’s a very beautiful place with a lot of history.  I have also wanted to visit to see how different it is from Berlin. My supervisor explains that the two places could not be any different when it comes to the culture, lifestyle, religious environment etc. He talks about how living in Munich for work last summer reaffirmed that he was very much a Berliner and couldn’t imagine moving back to Munich. While I won’t be in Munich more than two days, I am still curious to see if I will greatly prefer one city over another even from limited time in one.

         Since the amount of site visits we’ve had to do has steadily increased, my weeks have been very busy at work. Since typically two days out of the week are dedicated to travel, we have had less time in the office which means we have had less time to get work done. There are parts of me that do get overwhelmed but at the same time I feel really lucky to be able to travel with my company. I have also found my work to be really interesting which makes this experience more exciting than stressful. Also knowing that the experience is preparing me well for the future is a motivating factor for sure.

         I think that Pitt has prepared me very well with regards to the specific tasks I have to complete in my internship. I think that because a majority of my classes at Pitt have required me to use excel at one point in time, I have been able to use those skills and adapt new ones fairly easily. Having had a lot of other experiences in different contexts in which I use excel has made me very comfortable with using it in this company. In addition to understanding excel my previous classes, specifically in finance, have helped me a lot in terms of understanding the finance terminology when used in a real estate context. Having been exposed to concepts and different calculations/formulas prior has given me the ability to more wholly understand the work I’m doing. More specifically I can more easily understand how my tasks fit into the larger picture of the business process. Overall, I feel that my classes have played a really big part in understanding the work I’m doing and I’m really happy for that.

         From a non-academic standpoint, I’ve found that the adjustment I had to make when I first came to college is very similar to the one I had to make when I first came abroad, and therefore I would say that college has also prepared me in terms of a social adjustment. I remember the same feeling of being unsettled when I first came to college because it was a completely new environment with a completely set of new people. The only difference was that I knew that college would be my home for the next 4 years and here in Berlin I knew it would only be home for the next 2 months. That first semester was really formative for me because of how much I learned to cope with transition and change so I must say that I do owe it to my time in college for being able adjust so well here. Had I not experienced a transition like that before I. D.o.n.t know how well I would adjust here.

Of course while Pitt has prepared me in many aspects, there’s only so much your university can prepare you for. Aspects of my internship like the language barrier what’s posed a challenge as I had expected it too.  I also think that a work environment poses a lot of challenges that don’t have exact solutions as lets say a problem would in a classroom. Communication is a key component to finding a solution to most of the problems presented in a work setting.