Budapest and Week 2

This weekend I took my first trip outside of Prague and went to Budapest! There was a pretty large group of us from the dorm I am staying in that decided to make the trip this weekend. It was a jam-packed weekend that started at 5:30 AM to catch a seven-hour bus to Budapest. The day we arrived we tried to take public transportation into the city despite having no idea how it operated. Turns out we bought the wrong tickets and a stop away from our apartment for the weekend ran into a tram conductor who was checking tickets. This resulted in a small fine for both me and one of my friends and a very firm warning in Hungarian. 
The rest of the weekend went smoothly though, we walked around to pretty much everything you can think of in Budapest and decided to take a river cruise at night to see all the sites lit up. We caught our seven-hour bus back home to Prague on Sunday morning, which I can confidently say will be my last bus ride of that length, and started to settle in for the second week. 

the parliament building lit up at night

The first week of my internship was a whirlwind of learning how my company operates and what my specific department does on a day to day basis. Most of my time the first week has been spent observing my supervisor and taking notes or reading through manuals that are important to the day to day tasks I will be expected to perform later on. I definitely felt overwhelmed by all of the information I was receiving and expected to remember but as I got to start doing little tasks towards the end of the week things seemed to be going ok. So far I’ve found that the best way to manage my time and prioritize my day is to get here a few minutes earlier than my coworkers and check all the emails they have sent. My supervisor tends to send emails after we all leave for the day that has either tasks or information she would like me to cover the next day. From there I write out a list and prioritize that by things that need to be done by a specific time or what I think will take me longer to get through. I’ve found that this helps me keep track of what I’ve done in previous days if I need to go back and find an email or manual that is explaining something I need to do. 

Outside of work I have also found that I need to manage and prioritize my time better than I have been. This is my first nine to five type job so making time for other things after work each day has been a little bit of a challenge for me. I still want to get out and explore Prague during the weekdays and many of my friends do too but after the first week, I know I need to be better about coming home and getting certain things done like laundry or my assignments. I’m trying to get myself in the habit of getting everything I need for the next day prepared the night before so when I wake up its easy to get out the door and know what I need to do for the rest of the day when I’m done at work. 

I’ve also found that I need to be very careful of my time when it comes to getting to bed and waking up in the morning. Since most of my office arrive around 8 am that when I decided with my supervisor I’d come in. Although the time is a little earlier than I expected it isn’t the worst and makes the commute shorter as it isn’t quite rush hour yet. But the commute itself is about forty minutes from my dorm to work so I have to be on time for the tram and bus I need to catch every day. I’m waking up at about 6:30 am every morning and it is more than enough time to get where I need to be, but to be able to do that and not want to take a nap during the middle of the day I have to make sure I’m getting to bed early enough, which is tough when everyone wants to go out and explore during the evenings. That being said I think I managed it well for the first week and it becomes more of a routine in the weeks to come.