Week 5: The Middle

Surprisingly this weekend all of us stayed in Berlin for a rest after spending two long weekends on traveling. Even though has taken a long rest like an elder person, I’m still somehow tired for unkown reasons. This weekend is right in the middle of our internship! I cannot believe we only have three more weekends to go and then done for everything. It’s really nice living here , more like living around the world. Since I feel like the majority of the population in Berlin are not German. Diversity but also assimilation do exist at the same time and Berlin is the perfect example for this.

In terms of the past weekend, I went to the Sanssouci Park in Potsdam this Saturday and supposed to visit the Holländisches Viertel as well. It was definitely not a good choice to go outdoors that day as it was super hot and I definitely got tanned (I’m sorry but I don’t like get tanned myself). We also seemed to go to a wrong direction to start touring the park. We went straight back to Berlin after checking the Sanssouci Palace. On Sunday, the weather is much better than Saturday, almost perfect for me. I went to the Berliner Dom myself and visited a lovely Japanese desserts place (not nearby)! The views at the top of the church were amazing besides you have to gone through hundreds of steps. One thing somewhat surprises me is that the grave in the basement is not as cold as I thought about, which is just like the normal temperature. For preservation purpose, I have been to the grave in the basement of Esztergom in Hungary and I still remembered how cold there was in hot July or late June. Google maps sometimes lies to me. There was one time I supposed to find S5 but there was only S7 there. So I went back and forth in the tunnel and asked people for that. Finally I found out that S7 took exactly the same route as what shown on Google map as S5. Okay, whatever.

For this internship experience, I do feel that my experiences in Pitt helped me a lot, like how to adapt to a completely different environment in a rather short amount of time, how to talk or approach people, even though I have always felt myself not good at keeping contacts with others in a long run after getting to know each other. Pitt also offers a diverse environment even though here is more. As a student, I have plenty of chances to explore the culture through everyday life or in-class lectures, which enables me to know people from from different places and various fun facts. I also learned to be more initiated, to ask questions whenever I have one. Experiences and journeys composed to memories, I believe the one in Pitt will be one of the most precious one to me. Thanks to my family who raised me up and support me in all fields ❤️.

In terms of the academic experiences, we definitely could not learn everything in school especially for my fields. There are various systems to deal with the CRM system or various structures for the database but the cores not to say the same but related. So get to know one helps me to master in the others. This is the same for the use of other softwares. The more crucial thing is learn to apply, to adapt especially in today’s fast-changing world. For my later plans, besides graduate school apply, I’m planning to learn Matlab, deeper learning of Java and get to know more about machine learning related stuff. For this internship, I finally started to edit the videos for what I recorded and almost finished them. I learned all the editing stuff from scratch although the software is very handy to pick up. I still get to know more and was always want to try something in editing. Maybe I can start edit videos for my club next semester jk.

Only one month left and will enjoy more as always!