Work Hard Play Hard

I have now finished two whole weeks at my internship, and three weeks here in Ireland overall. So far, I love it. Going out and exploring the country or the city of Dublin has brought me some great experiences so far that I will not forget. The city of Dublin is one of the greatest places to explore in my opinion. Yes, it is a rather small city, especially when compared to most other cities that are globally known. However, there is still so much to do and see, and since it is a small city everything is in walking distance, which makes it that much more accessible to experience. With work, nothing has gone according to plan, and I love it. Beginning only my second week as an intern, I was left alone in the office for four days, as the other workers all had shows to travel to and manage. That left me to do work that my boss was giving me over the phone, but I actually really enjoyed working by myself. It gave me a lot of freedom to pace myself however I wanted to. As long as I had all my work done by the time the day ended or by the end of the week, it was to be considered a very successful week for me by my boss. I was able to achieve this goal, while also experiencing what it was like to work in a professional setting by myself, with no immediate guidance at hand. Overall, I think I managed it well. Something funny also happened during my time alone. The company I work for is getting another intern from EUSA who was arriving two weeks after me, and he had an internship scheduled with my boss on Thursday, but once again no one was in the office other than me. And my boss trusted me with giving the new intern and interview, figuring out who this guy was and also explaining the business and what I do as best as possible. An intern with only two weeks experience, interviewing another new intern. It actually felt good, not only giving the interview but knowing I already have gained enough of my boss’s trust and confidence that he entrusts me with an interview.


Something I really love about this internship, and the work culture here in Ireland in general is that many tasks that my boss gives me does not come with a set of instructions. Many of the tasks that are given to me are meant to allow to me to use my creativity and freedom to create as good of a finished product as I possibly can do. Most of the tasks given are simply asked in a “Do this for me please” format. There is rarely any instructions given as to how to do these tasks, and I find this both important and extremely useful in helping my problem-solving and creativity skills. There have been times where I get stuck and do not know where to turn or if I am doing something correctly, and thankfully my boss is also extremely willing to answer questions in order to lead me on the right path. My boss, Martin, is very much aware that the path to the finished product is just as important as the finished product for me, and tailors his tasks for me in a way that helps this philosophy. When I accidentally to something wrong, he gives me a lot of constructive criticism, rather than just telling me that I am wrong and have to fix it. I am pretty sure I have done most of the tasks given to me correctly, but with this coming week I have to be very prepared to do things correctly as I am truly starting to work with the real money in the business, where my actions will have serious positive or negative impacts on the company, and I am ready for the challenge. I know that Martin will still be willing to answer questions I have, but I am prepared to really step up my game in order to show Martin that I have what it takes to seriously work in this profession, as this job honestly truly interests me.


Outside of work and exploring, I have begun plans to finally travel up to Northern Ireland and visit some family that I have never met before. I am very excited about this, and is honestly the event that I am looking forward to most in the rest of my time that I am here!