Local Life???

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city—bustling, exciting, and unpretentious—and being a permanent resident here would be really amazing.


If I lived here, I would love to have a hip little apartment in Palermo Soho. It’s full of coffee shops, cafes, bars, and tons of shopping—all my favorite things. The walls are painted with art and on the weekends there’s live music, street fairs, and people everywhere.


If possible, I would love to open a coffee shop with my friends. It would be an amazing place to study, read, meet with your friends, and drink delicious coffee sourced from all over the world. I have a business background, and a friend who is a barista, and a friend who is really into art and culture. Together, we would be a dream team of small business owners. We could do local art and jewelry pop ups and after hours music shows while providing coffee and snacks all day every day!


I would keep trying to learn Spanish! Unfortunately, our program through CAPA recommended that I didn’t take a Spanish class because there weren’t enough teachers to schedule it. Missing out on this formal language learning opportunity was a big bummer for me! If I were a permanent resident, I would definitely try to keep taking classes and perfect my speaking skills.


I would buy a motor bike, because everyone here zips through the traffic at high speed during their morning commutes. It would make my trips across the city faster, more efficient, and ten times cooler!


And, finally, I would start my all girls punk band! As a drummer, it’s always been my dream to be a rock star. While in Buenos Aires, I was able to go to a few different shows and I was introduced to a band called PIBA. They blew my mind! Music is incredible.IMG_20190428_014441.jpg