Commuting in Sydney

My commute to work every day is a very easy one. It is only a 20-minute walk, literally only 2 streets. I work on 11 York Street. It is the startup hub center in Sydney. It is extremely similar to how I get around at school. At the University of Pittsburgh, I walk everywhere. I walk 20 minutes to Trees Hall every day. That is a 20-minute walk uphill! This makes my commute walk seem like absolutely nothing. It is a little bit longer then my walk to classes though, as those are at maximum 15 minutes.

I like my commute a lot. Compared to other students on this trip I have the easiest commute. The best thing about it has to be the buildings. There are some really cool buildings, that are extremely unique in their look. The Queen Victoria building is probably my favorite. I don’t really know what it is, I can’t tell if it’s a mall or offices. Anyways its really cool. It is also really interesting to see all the coffee shops. There is an insane amount of coffee shops, like at least 7 on each street. Lastly, I love that my commute is flat and not uphill! That makes it so much more pleasant.

My commute is all glory though. There are a ton of homeless people on my walk. A lot of them like to scream at you as you walk by. I don’t mind homeless people but I don’t like being screamed at for no reason what so ever. I will say this though, the homeless community is actually pretty well organized here. Everyone has their own area, every day I know exactly where each person will be. I have even had a conversation with Greg, he is the local homeless man that sits a few blocks away from my office. The next thing I hate about my commute is all the pigeons. They are literally everywhere and I always worry they might go to the bathroom on me. The craziest thing is that there is actually a pigeon man, he always sits outside and feeds the birds. I kid you not, there is probably around 100 pigeons around him. They sit on his head, literally sit on him. It is actually wild!

My tip to future students would be to make sure you know where you work and how long the commute will take. Before your first day of work make sure you have done a few practice runs of your commute. You want to be prepared for anything since anything can happen on your way to work.