Ship Now

Working at Ship Now was one of the hardest and best experiences I had during my stay in Buenos Aires.


The start-up is doing a really cool thing that hasn’t existed in Buenos Aires previous to its emergence—creating specialized e-commerce software for small business fulfillment—picking up from customers, storing, repackaging, and delivering! It was so cool to be a part of.


One of the hardest challenges I faced, was working in an environment where I couldn’t always communicate with my co-workers effectively. My level of Spanish wasn’t usually good enough to understand and express business ideas, so often I had to have someone help translate or learn by observation. It’s definitely humbling. Also, befriending your co-workers is tough when you don’t all speak the same language. You really have to get over your fear of sounding dumb. Also, bringing in pastries is kind of a cheat if you’re looking to break the tension. I learned so much though––about communicating and small scale logistics.


I was able to work on two projects while at Ship Now. One was coming up with a new pricing system to distribute demand for pick-ups more evenly throughout the day. It was recently put in place. Another project was re-mapping the country and drawing limits for new delivery zones all across Argentina—then analyzing the carriers and potential for cost savings.


It was an amazing experience, although not always fun, and I’m glad I got the chance to work at Ship Now.