Sad to say I only have two more weeks of the program here in Sydney, as it seems to have gone by so fast. A big part of this trip seeming to go by fast is the seamless transition I’ve made into my internship. I intern at Sport NSW, a non-profit which advocates for sports within the state of NSW, and I complete marketing duties like writing and social media. I work with three other interns, including one other from Pitt that I commute with, so that’s been comforting. My supervisor met with us on the first day and asked all about us and what we wanted from the internship, which has made this experience much more rewarding and applicable than it would have been if he had not done such a thing.

The Australian workplace is a bit different than an American workplace, in that it’s a bit more casual and emphasizes a sense of humor. I don’t know of anyone in our program that wears a tie to work and obligations like lunch and other travel plans are welcomed by my supervisor, as long as I give him notice. The only difficulty I’ve had was initially understanding how they conducted business in such a laid-back manner. Coming into an internship, I wanted to do well and work hard to gain their trust to increase my responsibility. However, that mindset was the wrong one, as they trusted me right away to do important tasks, as they’re a small company eager for help. Even so, they gave me a task and that was about it, meaning that they don’t give me much instruction. With communication styles being different, I’ve needed to ask a lot of questions to drive home my willingness to learn and to understand what exactly they want from me and how to do it. This work has made my supervisors respect my work and I even earned a shoutout from the CEO at the Sports Awards Ceremony I worked.

Overall, this internship has been a great experience so far. I’ve learned how to write bios, work Canva, make a YouTube Channel, and create and execute a social media run sheet. All the people I’ve been doing business with have been welcoming and advice I have to incoming interns is just come in with an open mind and have zero expectations. I believe having expectations can only hinder your experience here, as it’s bound to be what you make it.

Stay tuned for one more blog post on the city of Sydney before my trip ends!

Here are some pictures from throughout my travel:

Sydney Swans (AFL) Game
Flight to Cairns
Bondi to Coogee Walk