Irish Culture

And we have officially reached the halfway mark of the trip. Week 4 down, 4 more weeks to go. Time is really not slowing up at all. Every week brings me new adventures, new memories, and new growth. I was lucky enough to go exploring today with my pal Jack Marquis. We had an interesting visit to Bray. We were able to look at the beaches and sit on the rocks, and then make our way towards the cliff for a nice hike. The views were absolutely breathtaking, as you can see from the picture I chose, and no matter what part of the trail we were on, there was always something incredible to look at. We even went off trail for a bit and got to climb down a lot closer to the water.

I was nervous about going to Bray today because the weather was forecasted to rain all day. Luckily, this wasn’t the case. Until the end of our trek. We had been walking the trail for about 2 or 3 hours (with lots of stops in between) and we had to decide whether to turn around and go back, or continue on towards Greystones. We looked at our map and realized we were exactly in the middle. So naturally, we made our way towards Greystones. It was a nice long walk, and of course for the last hour or so, it started pouring down rain. Luckily we had our umbrellas, but we were drenched soon after. We continued walking for what seemed forever, but eventually the trail ended in a neighborhood in Greystones. We continued walking until we entered the town and decided to get some dinner. We settled on a nice looking Italian restaurant. The food there was delicious, but let me tell you, the portions were ridiculously small. Wish I knew that going in…

After we had our (unfilling) dinner, we hopped on a bus back to Bray, and then took another bus from Bray back to DCU. A nice hour and a half ride and it was needed because we had a long day and needed to relax. We finally returned completely drenched, and thankful to be back. Despite the downpour, the overall experience was absolutely amazing though. I am glad we had gone.

This weekend was also amazing, as a few of my friends came up from Spain! It was great getting to see some friends that I hadn’t seen since school ended as well as get to show them some of Ireland. Who knows, maybe I will see myself in Spain some time this Summer…

We are now going to switch topics here and talk about the culture of Ireland. Now a lot of the culture here is what I was expecting. For example, the people here are absolutely amazing and very nice. On the other hand, another example would be less communication in the workplace than what we are used to in the United States. Socially, the Irish culture hasn’t been too hard to adjust to and has been very welcoming and pleasant. I have had (and continue to work through) the difficulties of adjusting to the culture in the workplace however. This would be pertaining to the lack of communication as I mentioned before.

The first couple weeks were difficult for me at my internship, not only because I am doing work in a field that I haven’t even learned about yet (ironically, I am taking my recruitment class when I get back..bad timing…), but also because of the different work culture. A lot of times I am assigned a task or project with little or no direction given. On top of this, it is rare that I am ever given a due date either. This made it difficult for me to learn the new topics because I was also worried about how to get the tasks done. This being said, over the last week I have become a lot more comfortable asking my manager and other co-workers for assistance or advice whenever I need it. The best part is, they are more than happy to help me out when I am having trouble. Yes I am still struggling with some tasks, but I am still learning a lot and the help from the workers around me makes it a lot easier for me to grow as an intern and business student.

Overall, this week was absolutely amazing, and I am excited to see what kind of incredible memories this next week will hold!