A smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from other’s.

Dublin’s culture is very similar to that of america’s so assimilating has not been that difficult. One small difference is the prevalence of busing that is incorporated into the culture. I might just feel this difference because I have rarely taken the bus at home. However, working in payroll at a company we take care of peoples taxes and I found out through that, that people get a tax break for busing or riding a bike. This is to help the environment, something that we should look into at home. Instead, most people at home have a car and take that to work everyday.

Another small difference I have noticed is the daylight. Here in Dublin it gets bright around five am and dark at 11 pm. It is crazy and can really through off your circadian rhythm. This can lead to poor sleep. That is why, it seems, that everyone has blackout shades in their homes to keep the light from getting in when they are trying to sleep. This is a small difference but you cant come here without noticing the length of daylight. It always feels earlier than it actually is and it makes you underestimate what time it is. This leads you to think you have more time to complete your blog than you actually do. Which can lead you to rush it a bit (sorry).

This week in my travels I went to Bray with a friend and we walked the cliff path from bray to Greystone. We were hoping the rain would hold up but it did not and it poured on us right when we were in the most open area. We did however get a good amount of sunshine for most of the trip. At one point on the path there was this bridge that you could see and it was quite beautify. So I went down there to see what was under it and found a couple of sleeping bags. Someone was sleeping under the bridge! No one was there at the time, but still, it looked quite uncomfortable. So we continued on the path and went off to go on some rocks for some nice photos. While ryan (my friend) was taking some photos on one side of the rock. I look over the other side of the rock and notice something peculiar. I saw a very old woman get naked and go swimming. I turn to ryan and say “ryan you’re not going to believe this, there is an old naked woman over there” he said “no theres not” in utter disbelief. I repeated what I stated the first time and he looked and sure enough she was still there. It was a very awkward and unpleasant sight for my innocent eyes. Europe is a very different place. I talked with some of my coworkers and they have experienced similar issues at public beaches elsewhere. They told me that old women especially like to go to beaches in the nude. So I will be on the look out for that, but not in a weird way, like in a shield my eyes way.

In other news, after getting caught in the rain we walked for another mile and a half to greystone where we found this amazing Italian restaurant. We got the calamari to split, but there were only nine pieces. So we each got four and a half. It was eight euros, which equals eight point eight dollars. So that’s about a dollar a piece. It was quite a rip off. But the main course was great, still expensive. Ryan got a very small portion again which left his wallet and his stomach completely empty. It was very sad. Lastly, we caught a bus back to shanowen. On the bus there was this couple that was deeply in love because they were full blown snuggling in the back, again leaving me quite uncomfortable.

Other than that the trip to Bray was very awesome. I got to see a lot of great nature, I walked and got a lot of exercise. Even though most people hate the rain, I kind of like it. I don’t know what about it I like, the sound of it hitting the umbrella and it getting really intense is awesome, especially out on a cliff walk.

Work has been good. I have been switched into payroll and they are going through a lot of change. This makes it very interesting, especially to see this first hand. otherwise everything is good, until next time!