Countdown Begins

This past week I stayed in Berlin because of all the traveling I have been doing with the company. I was in Munich from Tuesday to Wednesday and will be in Hamburg this Monday into Tuesday, so I wanted to not travel for the weekend. I was able to explore more of Berlin with friends. On Saturday we went to the east and went to into a street art gallery called “Urban Nation” which featured different artists in Berlin. It was free admission which was nice because of how much we have been paying for other museums throughout Berlin. We then explored Victoria Park which has a large hill where you can get a nice view of the city. There is also a large waterfall that people will sit by and have picnics around. Younger kids were swimming in it as well. I think it was really cool to have a park like this in the city because you feel like you are in a completely rural, isolated area when you enter this park but when you look from the top of the hill you realize that you’re in the middle of a huge city. I think it is nice to have a more tranquil area within the city as well especially in the summer when it gets so hot in the streets. I really prefer Berlin in a city in general too because it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly crowded ever because it is so spread out and not concentrated. We also visited one to the biergartens in Victoria park which was also really nice. After that we visited another museum that had modern art from Berlin. The museum took you through different eras of art within Berlin which was interesting to see. Overall the museum was not exactly what I expect when I thought of modern art because there were of a lot realism paintings. Overall it was still really interesting to see all the different types of artwork.

Both today and yesterday we went to the Thai Market that is only a 10-minute walk from our hotel. There are at least 50 different stands with authentic Thai food. Both days I got Pad Thai and tried other small dished that some of the stands had as well. I also had Thai tea which I had never tried before and ended up loving. It was nice because the Park where the market attracts a lot of families with small children and dogs so it’s a nice environment to sit down and enjoy for a couple hours. I like that there are so many community-oriented events in the city. That’s something I will miss a lot when I leave in a couple weeks.

Overall this week was more relaxed than others but I’m happy I was able to enjoy the weekend in the city. The next couple weekends I will most likely travel, so it was nice to spend more time in the city before we leave. I will probably have to use most of my week days left to explore the city as much as I can. My family will also be coming to visit for a couple days after my program is finished so I am really excited to show them around the city. Since they will only be here for a couple days I was trying to make a list of all the places I wanted them to see and I realized how long my list was. There really is no way to see Berlin in two days and have the same appreciation for it. That, to me, is what makes this experience so special. I am so happy that I have been able to live in this city that oi otherwise may not ever come to and gain an appreciation for it over time.

I am also really happy to have had the opportunity to gain this internship experience. I feel that the experience had enhanced my leadership qualities in ways that have made me a more proactive leader and less passive. I am more inclined to go out of my way to take on extra tasks that need to get done. I feel like I have built more confidence in making decisions about things I may not completely sure of but do not want to constantly ask my boss about. I think overall my boss has really set a good example as to what type of leadership style is most effective when working on a team. He emphasizes encouraging leadership by taking the time out of his agenda to explain things to me and support my improvement in different areas. I hope that I can develop the same qualities in my future career.