This week was full of exploration and discovery with others from my group. We walked and almost got lost in old town looking at all the history and climbing all the spires. The city is beautiful from all angles and it’s crazy to realize it is all older then the United States. We visited Old Town Square and watched the clock strike on the hour. This city is almost like a movie all seems so unreal. We also watched the sunrise at Charles Bridge. Sunrise is one of the few times you can get tranquility in such a hectic area. The city seemed quite and the sun felt warm. It was just me, the old history of Prague, and the new rising sun. I really was able to enjoy the beauty of the city without all the noise, without all the people, without all the distractions. If anyone was to visit Prague I recommend they get up early to really enjoy what Prague has to offer.

In my work uncertainty is all over. Whether its the language barrier or the cultural differences I have had to be very flexible in the past couple of weeks. The language is very hard to get passed. Although many speak English the few that don’t are almost impossible to translate. The language is so different and I can’t find any context clues to help me figure it out. So when I have had to talk to clients I have had to adjust and get someone to help me communicate. It makes things very difficult but also makes me enjoy the challenge of communicating with them. I feel like they get enjoyment from me trying to help them to the best of my ability. The language has become an issue in some things such as travel and transportation. Many tram drivers are unable to answer my questions and point me in the right direction because of the language barrier.

The cultural differences are also a big difference. My bosses are so lax with work that they come and go as they please. They also start the work day at 9. This is far from the regular in the United States. I’ve had to adjust to stay busy even when I don’t have direct tasks to do. I read and look at things about my companies and technologies that may help. Also the late start has made me have to really adjust my sleep cycle. Now I have to be used to getting up later and also staying at work till late. This has been hard because I have not enjoyed the daylight like I have back in the states. I have had to become a night owl of sorts and explore in times outside of my comfort zone.

My business culture is also far far different. instead of the high stress and constant work, my company does the opposite. I work at my own pace and do not feel rushed to complete any task. Now I really put all my effort into the task at hand and manage to be happy with the result. This should be the same motto of the United States. If we worked this way I feel better work would be completed and a better job would be done. I’m used to being stressed and pressed for time. Although some times it feels like I have no work to do, If i ask for more as soon as I get finished they always have things available for me. I have had to begin doing things on my own and working at my pace. Although very different I feel as if it has helped me as an employee. I now have a sense of direction and understand they don’t have to always tell me work to do.

My bosses are huge about unclear directions. They give me a task to complete but don’t tell me how or why. They want me to use my creativity and create something of my own. I really enjoy this work, because it allows me to apply the things I have learnt from school. I feel like my company really expresses the entrepreneurial mindset and allows their workers to be free. With this mindset the company has created great things and has grown a lot in the short times it has been public.

This week has been great and I have learned so much already. I feel like I have grown as a person and as an employee.