Now that it is over halfway through this program I am trying to soak up every minute in Europe. This past week I helped host a work event, explored Berlin further Scotland, and went to Edinburgh, Scotland. The ease of travel in Europe is incredible. I only flew for two hours and was in Scotland where the culture and the climate are completely different that Berlin. This was an amazing time, but I’ll start at the beginning of the week.

My company, Wantedly, holds these monthly events for our co working space called Meet Ups. Every month there is a different topic, but it’s always addressing some kind of Human Resources issue, event, or idea. This month the event title was “Fuck Up Stories” and it was a space for people to share any kind of human resources related mess up that they made and how they addressed and fixed the issue. The point of this topic was to focus on addressing failure and to learn how to handle it. We talk all the time about our achievements and things that we do well, but obviously shy away from the moments that we really screw up. We had about 6 planned speakers and then gave people the floor to share any additional stories that they had. We then voted on the best story. It was a really great and relaxed evening and I realized how important it is to talk about failure in such a blunt way. It took a lot of courage for the speakers to talk about what they did and how they failed, but it was helpful to hear how they dealt with the failure at the time and how they continue to act because of it. Some of the failures included accidentally losing a company a large amount of money, to having to fire a third of a staff in one day, to simple miscommunications that hurt work relations. Every one of the speakers had a different way of dealing with their respective issue, but they all agreed that they found it critical that they do not dwell on the event, but instead move on from it.

On Wednesday me and my friends went to the East Side Gallery. We had done this once before, but it was on a Saturday and it was so crowded that we didn’t get to fully experience the art. It was cool to go back when there were less people and actually experience the art. We then walked around that area, which is really cool in the evening.

On Thursday we went to a bar called Madame Claude, where there was furniture on both the ceiling and the floor. It was really trippy but also a really cool vibe. We then spent some time on that part of town and then went to this amazing burger place called Burgermeister.

Friday was an eventful day because right after work I went to the airport to embark on my trip to Edinburgh. I went there this past weekend because my grandparents and uncle were there for a conference. It was a really easy trip and it was great to see them. After I landed on Friday we went to a late dinner and then walked the Royal Mile. It was an absolutely amazing city. It was so different than Berlin. It was small and very walkable, it was so green, and the temperature was a perfect 60 degrees. On Saturday we walked around the Royal Botanical Gardens and then went to see the Royal Britannia ship in Leith. We then went for a great Italian dinner. On Sunday we got up really early and went first thing to see the castle since my flight was that afternoon. It was gorgeous and the views were spectacular. My family then took be to the airport on Sunday afternoon and I came back. It was a beautifully refreshing trip and I’m so happy I got to see my family while abroad.

As far as leadership style goes, I always though that leading through listening was what I wanted to work towards. While this may sound strange, I feel that to be an effective leader you need to be able to listen and digest the information of the people that you are leading. In this internship I have only gotten better at this because I have had to put my critical listening skills to the test every day. While I don’t try to take on a leadership role at my work place, the skills that I’m learning by being a follower will only help me become a better leader once this experience has come to an end.

Till next time!