Week 6- Leadership Skills and Style

Now that I have been in Berlin for quite some time, I finally feel like I am no longer just another tourist in this huge city. No matter where you go in the city you will see a bunch of tourists that look like they don’t know what they are doing. I was definitely one of these people not too long ago. I have finally come towards the end of my list of things that I want to explore. I no longer feel pressured to go out after work every day and check something off the list of things I want to see. Now I know the different spots in the city that I like and I avoid the areas that I don’t like. I feel like I actually live here in Berlin and not just visiting for a couple of days, and it is a pretty comforting feeling. Now when people ask me for directions or suggestions on what to do here, I feel much more confident in my answer. It is much more relaxing now that I am not running around every day, and instead, I can just visit a park that I really like or go to a restaurant I enjoy instead of feeling like I wasting time by not exploring more things. 

Berlin is a massive place so of course there is always going to be more for me to discover. I think Berlin feels so different than any other city I have been to because it has a very unique set up. Most cities have a center to it that acts as the mecca of activity, but Berlin does not have this. Berlin has a large park in the middle of it instead of a large shopping center or something similar to other cities. Berlin feels more like multiple cities that are connected together surrounding the park in the center of the city. Each neighborhood around the park has is like its own city with its own unique style and attractions. I think that this can be attributed to the history of Berlin and what happened to the city following World War 2. Since Berlin was separated right down the middle of the city, it makes sense that there isn’t the traditional centerpiece in the city. The more time I spend here in Berlin, I notice interesting things like this one about the city. 

I have always felt like I have pretty good leadership skills and I think this has developed from playing sports my whole life. My former basketball coaches would call me a coach on the court because I would always be talking to my teammates and trying to lead them. When I truly care about what I am doing and want to achieve the best result, it is not in my nature to just sit back and play a supporting role. Before this internship, I was good at being a leader while being with a group, but if I wasn’t directly with a group then I would falter as a leader at times. I love to bounce ideas off of others to hear what they think about them, but a lot of the work I am doing in my internship is not in a group. I was challenged at my internship to be a leader without directly being in a group. At first, this was hard for me because I never thought about what it meant to be a leader without being directly in a group. Like I previously stated, I love to bounce ideas off of people but there is a time and place for that. When I am assigned a project to work on, it would not be a good idea to bother my colleagues with questions about what they thought about my work because that would impede them from being able to do what they need to accomplish. 

I quickly learned that sometimes being a leader means that you need to work things out for yourself instead of relying too heavily on the group. Working as a team is great and helps to come up with better ideas, but it is important to do it at the right time. To become better at doing this, I have been trying to do a better job at refining my ideas. Previously, I would keep the ideas that I have as raw and unfinished and then work with my group to help to refine these ideas. Now, I try to do my best at brainstorming ideas and then refining them before coming to the group. I think this works out much better because I can come up with more specific ideas that have different options. This makes the lives of my colleagues much easier because my suggestions or ideas are further along and better thought out. I think that this internship has helped me a lot in developing my leadership skills and abilities.