Week 6 is in the books! I know I say it every single week but the time is really starting to fly by and it seems as if every week is going by faster than the last. My week started off by continuing to work on a large document for our financial controllers that deals with purchases and payments the company makes on Amazon, and although it may sound like a very monotonous task, it ended up being a very complicated project that even the workers here were having so much trouble figuring out that they had to see if I had any input. To be able to use my critical thinking skills, continue to grow my excel skills, and also work on a project that the team has been struggling with for some time now really made the work much more engaging. In addition to my work with Amazon my primary focus at work this week was assisting my manager with an ERV valuation file. This project was easily one of my favorite things that I have done thus far because it was a 60 page excel analysis that I was creating from scratch with regards to Sirius’s properties and their annualized rental incomes by space, occupancies, gross yields, market yields, and market valuations that were conducted by Cushman and Wakefield. The process was long and tedious, however, after a whole weeks work I felt like I created something that would truly create value for the company as a whole. The reason I was conducting the analysis is because Sirius not only is a commercial real estate investor and owner but also an operator of their properties — a quality that differentiates them from their competitors. This means that not only do they hold an investment portfolio of industrial, office, and business park space but they also do all the facility management, rent pricing, and all other related work in house with the belief that they can create additional value for their shareholders despite the large amount of overhead costs associated. Thus, through my analysis I am able to show Sirius where they are under or over performing with regards to their gross yield on properties in relation to a market valuation conducted by an outside source so that they can look to exploit their weakness to unlock additional performance potential. 


Outside of the office it was a fairly uneventful week, however, I feel like that is because I have already hit a lot of the classic Berlin sights and feel like I am more comfortable not having to do 100 things everyday but rather will opt for walking through the Tiergarten or exploring a new restaurant. The weekend started off early as some friends and I went out in Kreuzberg on Thursday night. One of the places we went to was called Madame Claude which was a really cool experience as they actually have furniture hanging from the ceiling, and the night finished off perfectly with a trip to the classic Burgermeister. Over the weekend I was able to visit the Urban Nation Gallery which is a free exhibition that is centered around urban inspired street art. Additionally, I went to Viktoriapark again where we visited a new biergarten. In the biergarten I had a Radler which is a popular beer here that consists of beer and lemonade, I also had another one that consists of beer and Fanta and although it may sound disgusting, it was actually really good because the Fanta in Germany is much more natural than the awful one sold in the states. Finally I finished my Saturday by traveling  to the Berlinische museum and hitting up a good Currywurst restaurant before having a fun night out with friends. I finished my weekend by heading to the local Thai market to try some authentic Thai cuisine as well as going for a run in the Tiergarten. 


Finally I would like to talk a little bit about my leadership style before the internship, how my view of leadership has changed as a result of the internship, and how I am becoming a better leader as a result of my experience. Throughout my life I have always seen myself as a leader in some way or the other whether it be in my academics, athletics, or other extracurricular activities. I believe that I have always been a type-A, outgoing, vocal, and lead my example person who thrives on wanting to get a group to achieve something together. Nevertheless, I feel as if my internship experience here has continued to grow my leadership skills by continuing to enhance my view on the importance and necessity of having a diverse group of people on a team who bring a wide range of values and beliefs. By working in an office space with people from Ireland, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and several other countries I have began to appreciate and learn to incorporate others opinions and cultures into my leadership style. After all, how each culture works is vastly different and being able to learn and pick up on things that I think would be beneficial to my leadership is something I am constantly looking out for. I also believe the experience has continued to grow what I believe to be two very important qualities of a leader: listening and empathy.


All in all, I am excited for my last full weekend in Berlin as I will be traveling to Venice the following weekend before returning home on July 13th. I can not wait to make the most out of the time I have left!