A Once in a Lifetime Professional Experience

On my first day of work, I was expecting to work for a small local team. I barely knew anything about Australian Rules Football, and I had never heard of the Greater Western Sydney Giants. The moment I saw my office, my expectations were exceeded. The West Connex Center, where the Giant’s management team operates and where the players practice, is a state-of-the-art facility. On my first day, I arrived at work with two of my fellow interns, who are both Pitt students. As soon as we stepped in the door, we were greeted by an incredibly impressive sports shop filled with orange and grey gear. Inside the front lobby, there were ten individuals waiting to meet us.

They were all dressed smart casual, while we were all dressed business casual. The whole experience was slightly intimidating, but they were all very welcoming. They introduced themselves as our coworkers in the Giants Membership and Ticketing department and we were soon escorted into a conference room for an introduction. We received learning packets and were given a breakdown of the team’s history and their future goals. We were then taken on a tour of the facilities. We got to see their strength and conditioning room, practice field, offices, café, locker rooms, and players’ lounge. I could not believe how nice it was. As soon as the meeting was over, we were introduced to ARCHTICS, which is Ticketmaster’s ticketing software, and asked to learn the basics of using it. The software was very challenging to get a hold of, but after a couple hours we were all treated to an incredible nice lunch. At lunch, I got to learn more about all my coworkers and how the department runs. After lunch, we worked practiced ARCHTICS for the remainder of the day.

              My first day with the GWS Giants was incredibly overwhelming. I could not believe how impressive my office was and how nice all my coworkers were. On top of that, I was overwhelmed by ARCHTICS and all the information I had to memorize about Giant’s memberships and tickets. However, as my internship has progressed, I have become more and more comfortable with almost every aspect of the job.

              My coworkers are all incredibly nice people and I have been incredibly lucky to have the pleasure of working with them. Though, in my first few weeks, a few customs and behavior did throw me off a bit. Language in the office is a lot more colorful than I am used to, and that became apparent very quickly. Dress is also a lot more casual. Over time, I have learned that banter is essential to the workplace. All my coworkers love to joke around and have fun during the day; however, they always make sure they get their work done on time. Overall, I have found my workplace to be incredibly friendly and I it has great getting to know them all.

              From a professional standpoint, I have learned a great deal of skills. On my first day, I had no clue on how I was going to learn all the skills and material required for my job, but over the weeks it has all become second nature. ARCHTICS seemed incredibly daunting on day one, nevertheless, through practice I have gained a strong understand of the software. However, I do occasionally ask for help, but in my mind, this is a strength I gained from my internship. I have the confidence to admit when I need help and I am incredibly comfortable asking my coworkers for assistance when I need it. On day one, I would not have dreamed of being that comfortable in my internship. In addition to learning ARCHTICS, I was able to participate in a day of sales training from the Head of Membership and Ticketing, who learned sales while working for the Chicago Blackhawks, the Detroit Redwings, the University of Texas, and many other teams.

              Equally important, has been the pace of my internship. Every day, I have learned a new skill. In my first week, I did not interact directly with customers or members, but overtime my duties have increased. I went from processing online customer orders and deleting duplicates in the membership database to responding directly to customer inquiries over phone and email. In my final week, I am going to start making outgoing sales call on top of all the other duties I already perform.

              My advice for future interns is simple. Do not be afraid to ask for help. It is better to get things clarified than to make avoidable mistakes. Make sure to interact with your coworkers as much as you can. Lastly, things may get boring or repetitive at times, but use this time to learn about your coworker’s jobs and lives, and there is a great chance that they teach you some very important things.

Where I Work: The West Connex Center. The GWS Giants Practice and Have Their Offices Here.
My Desk
The View Behind My Desk
My Desk Mate. He is not the Official Mascot of the Giants, but he is the Official Mascot of the Membership and Ticketing Department.