My First Internship Ever – Buenos Aires Style

It’s hard to believe that I am already packing my bags to head back to the states tomorrow night. I feel like I was just arriving in Argentina yesterday and having my first day of work, and here I am about to head home!

My internship at Shipnow, a logistics and storing company located in the La Paternal region of the city, was my first internship and something that I definitely will never forget. Shipnow is a relatively young e-commerce startup that works with small businesses to handle pickup, delivery, customer service, and everything else in between all over the country of Argentina. As it is still a relatively new and small company, one of the coolest things was to get to meet and interact directly with the co-founders Tomas and Franco on a daily basis. Although all of my coworkers were very nice and welcoming, it definitely did take a bit of time to form a relationship and connect with people without a common shared language. Independent, computer-based work is definitely the norm there as almost all of their business is conducted online. With everyone pretty much doing their own things throughout the day with headphones in, I spent most of my days on my own independent tasks which was something completely new to me. 

Throughout the past few weeks, my task was calculating shipping costs for the different carriers they use and compiling them to create an archive of costs by postal code and weight for the entire country. I then used the archive to choose the lowest cost carriers for each province and find ways to save them shipping costs for fulfillment. It was really interesting to see directly into their costing system to be able to analyze ways that they can improve carrier choices, and I could tell by the end that my work, although I only had a few weeks, is going to make a difference for Shipnow in the future. 

Adjusting to a new workplace overall and interacting with coworkers with a language barrier was definitely a big change for me, especially in my first internship. Since everyone mainly had their own tasks to complete and kept to themselves, it was often up to me to reach out to others and start conversations. However, even with these obstacles, everyone was very nice and welcoming–I was even invited out during my first week there! Overall, I would say that walking up and starting a conversation is always the scariest part. In my experience, just about everyone I met in Argentina seemed genuinely excited to get to know other people. Once you get out of the closed off, American mindset, it’s much less scary to step out of your comfort zone and talk to the people around you. 

I am so thankful for my first internship experience at Shipnow and that I got to meet so many nice people at such a close-knit office. I can honestly say that I am going to miss working there!