Last day being a local

It is crazy how one spends enough time in a place and starts to feel like a local—developed a life there, like they belong there. Well however, this new lifestyle of mine that I have adapted to and became very comfortable with, is now coming to an end.

I’ve been able to navigate through the streets of the enormous city of Buenos Aires, either going to class or my internship every day, or simply just walking the streets until I find a trendy store, restaurant, or café that I just have to go in!!! Getting my way around this Spanish speaking city was an adjustment at first, but I realized now that I don’t even hesitate while trying to ask for something, etc. I think my internship played a huge role in helping me improve my language skills, being that no one knew any English there.

Overall, my time spent working for AT Buenos Aires was an incredible experience. I was able to learn and experience the work culture of the Argentine society. Although I was nervous at first, everyone was very welcoming, relaxed, and greeted me with kisses on the cheek to say hello and goodbye.  As time went on, the communication barrier became easier, I adapted and caught on quickly to the work environments, my commute, my schedule, the people I was connected with every day—I really got used to my life that I developed here. The relaxed work culture was something that I got used to very quickly…I mean, who would mind taking long lunch breaks, another break to grab a coffee or cup of mate, or even arriving late at times? Not me! However, one thing that really differentiates between the United States work culture, is that personal interaction and relationships are a priority in the work environment here. I think it should be in all companies, because one trule connects and gets to know who they are working with, rather than simply burying oneself in a task, or being pressured for time.

My experience was nothing but positive, and I am grateful to have surround myself with locals, while also feeling as if I were a local myself at times. I’m truly going to miss every one that I have developed a relationship with here, especially my host family. They have made me feel as if I was apart of their own family, in which I definitely plan to visit them and Coco (their dog) sometime in the future!