Don’t Want to BreakFree from Sydney

So far I have blogged about my commute to work and what I do at my internship. The commute is far, but is made convenient due to the location of my living arrangement. I live in a hotel, BreakFree on George in Sydney. CAPA set this all up and put me with a random roommate, which has worked out really well. Its location, respect to main train stations, Darling Harbour, and CAPA, makes navigating the city easy after the first week or two. We are centered in Chinatown, which means we have a lot of good Asian food within short walking distance. Sydney is a very global city, as it seems pretty diverse but maybe more so for us because our proximity to Chinatown. We are also located near many universities, such as a community college, University of Technology Sydney, and University of New South Wales. This makes the area we’re located in sometimes feel like a college town, which is comforting and made me forget early on that I was in Sydney, Australia.

I live with a roommate with a twin bed each for us. Some people aren’t used to having a roommate or sharing a bathroom with someone else, but I shared a bathroom with two other people all last year, so it’s been nothing to worry about for us. All the other students in Pitt’s program are in BreakFree as well, which is nice to be able to just go up or down to hang with friends. Our hotel cards only work for our floor though, so we either have to take stairs or a friend has to come to our floor to get us. Laundry services are provided for $4 AUD for washing and drying, each. We have two stovetops, a mini fridge, dishes, and a microwave. We also have a flat screen TV and a couch so if there’s a game on, we can have people over to watch with us. WiFi was supposed to not be that great and I was expecting to need to go to either CAPA or somewhere like Starbucks to get work done, but the WiFi has been quite good for me. Overall, I can’t complain as it’s in a perfect location and I’m not really in the room that much besides sleeping.

Conclusion post still to come within the next few weeks!

Here are a couple pics to update you on my travels:

At Sport Awards Ceremony for work
Hobbiton Movie Set (New Zealand)
Cajun Catch of the Day (New Zealand)