New Adventures and New Responsibility

Hey all, I am back yet again with another week of my trip abroad in Dublin, Ireland complete, and another week down full of great experiences, both in the workplace and through my traveling in Ireland! Not only did I get to make a day trip to Skerries and spend a day biking around Phoenix Park, but I also had a great week of work and an increase in my responsibility as an intern too! I am looking forward to telling you all about it. I’ll start with my adventures outside of the workplace…

On Saturday, I had the chance to go to Skerries. Skerries is an hour bus ride north of where I am staying at DCU and is known for the gorgeous beaches and harbors on the coast. Now of course I was able to explore the town, but me and my friend Jack also went to the beach. We saw an island in the distance that we didn’t think was that far, and naturally, we wanted to get to it! We thought it was possible because none of the water we had seen or been in was deep at all. So we rolled up our shorts and started walking towards the island. The farther we got on our journey, the more impossible it seemed it would be to get there. We were only about 100 to 150 feet off off the coast and the water was just about up to my waist. Not to mention the water was absolutely freezing. By the time we had gotten that far out, we lost feeling in our legs (which actually made continuing our walk easier believe it or not). Eventually reality caught up with us and we turned around, and luckily so, because high tide was on the way. We were walking back to the town and every time we turned around, the shore got smaller and smaller as it was getting covered with water. Maybe we’ll make it there another day…

After this, we decided to hop on a bus and visit the Ardgillan Castle about 30 minutes north of Skerries. Though all the tours were closed there, we wanted to explore it on our own. We spent about an hour or so walking through the fields, walking around the elegant looking castle and walking through the flower and vegetable gardens plotted around the castle too. After this we made the long walk back to the bus stop we got dropped off at, and noticed there was another beach right near us – it looked even nicer than the last one! So, of course, we had to check it out. The weather was about 70 degrees and perfect to be sitting on the beach. So that is just what we did. We spent about half an hour just hanging out there, and decided we should head back to Skerries to get a bus back home. One problem: the next bus wasn’t going to be here for another hour. We made the 45 minute trek back to the town of Skerries and I was able to grab a breathtaking picture of the sky (which is the cover photo for this post). We then grabbed a bite to eat, and caught the next bus back home. A very eventful day to say the least.

Today, we made the trip to Phoenix Park in Dublin and rented bikes for three hours (I was winded after the first 30 minutes!). We explored all around the park, and just like yesterday, we lucked out with the weather. It was 67 degrees and partly cloudy. The perfect weather to go biking! The park was stunning and there was much to explore, and after the long ride we grabbed a (much deserved) meal at a pub and made our way back. The past two days have been very tiring, but a fantastic time.

Now onto the workplace. This week was great for me as I was given some new responsibilities. One of my co-workers, Nicole, is leaving on Tuesday for a two week vacation. As a result, I am to handle sourcing candidates for a few of her jobs while she is away. I began this new work Friday and I am looking forward to continuing this job for the coming week. Having new challenging tasks to handle makes the job more interesting and will give me plenty of opportunities to learn and grow my skills in Human Resources recruitment.

Of course it is important to give credit where it’s due and say that I wouldn’t be doing this internship if it wasn’t for Pitt. My time at Pitt so far has given me countless interactions with different kinds of people, and this really helps me at work when I am calling candidates of different cultures to discuss different jobs. In addition, Pitt has just provided me with a good work ethic – one that is very useful at work when I am balancing several tasks at once.

If there’s one way that my academic experience hasn’t prepared me for this, I would say it’s probably the fact that I haven’t taken my recruitment class yet. In fact, I am taking it this Fall when I return. Good timing, right? Anyways, without any prior knowledge in recruitment, it of course makes the work a little harder. However, there is a way to overcome this “disadvantage”. I am lucky enough to be a part of a very helpful and welcoming team of recruiters at Wallace Myers International, and any time I need clarification on tasks or I’m just confused on why things happen the way they do, I can call on literally anybody in the office. My co-workers being so accommodating with my questions and learning makes the fact that I haven’t taken recruitment yet a pretty minor setback in my time at Wallace Myers International as an intern.

Looking ahead to next week, I will be continuing my new role at work, and over the weekend I will be traveling to London! I’ll see you all next week and look forward to telling you about the trip. Until next time!