Expectations Before Coming to Sydney, Australia

As my program is coming to a close, I have gotten to really love Sydney, Australia and enjoy my time here. I have had so many great experiences and met many new friends. I wish I could stay here longer.

Prior to coming to Sydney, I had a few expectations about my study abroad program and most of my expectations have been exceeded. In particular, I had expectations about my class, internship, and experience overall in Sydney.

This summer, I am taking Sports Marketing. I am learning about different marketing concepts and learning about how they apply to the sports industry. I have lectures twice a week and go on field trips to different sports stadiums. Before taking this course, I did not expect to go on field trips and also to enjoy this class as much as I did. I expected it to be like any other class I have taken at Pitt. I really enjoyed learning about the many different sports played in Australia that are not played in the United States. The field trips have been really great as our class gets a private tour of sports stadiums and sports businesses.

Furthermore, I did not know what to expect for my internship this summer at Baseball NSW. I never really liked baseball so I was unsure if I would like this internship. However, I thought it would be a good learning experience. I expected to do marketing and consumer behavior for my internship. Unfortunately, I have not done any marketing for my marketing internship and have done more accounting and finance. I thought I would be assigned different projects, but I consistently get basic tasks. I think if I was interning longer, I would been given more responsibilities. Even though my expectations were not met, it has still been a good learning experience. More importantly, I was able to get first-hand experience in the Australian workplace and the sports industry.

Also, I had some expectations in place for Sydney in general. I really did not have many expectations of Sydney and what it would be like, but my expectations have been exceeded. I quickly adjusted to the city and fell in love with it. There is so much to explore in Sydney (beaches, restaurants, attractions, etc). Also, I did not expect everyone to be as friendly as they are here. Everyone is super friendly and very inviting. Lastly, I thought I was going to travel outside of Sydney a couple of times, but I ended up traveling much more. As soon as I got here, I became excited to explore the surrounding cities and countries. I planned trips with my new friends to go to New Zealand, Bali, Perth, and Uluru (The Outback). Travelling through Australia and other countries has been one of my favorite parts of studying abroad. I have explored so many new places and had many great experiences. I am forever grateful for the experiences I had in studying abroad.

Here’s some pictures of my travels:

Iceberg Pools in Bondi Beach, Sydney

Uluru in the Northern Territory, Australia

Bali, Indonesia