mais non!

“Mais nonnn”! I really wish my time in Paris wasn’t coming to an end, it’s really freaking me out. I’ve had such a wonderful time here. Honestly I refuse to admit it. It’s still the beginning of July and the month is young. I have plenty of time. The only problem is time isn’t slowing down and I have no desire to head back home! I am so so happy here.

At work i’ve really settled into my role, which is nice. I think initially no one really knew to do with me. I started out doing some industrial engineering work in an art gallery and then I started trying to help out doing daily art gallery tasks, and I think for the conclusion of my internship I will be writing articles! I even just interviewed a group of artists who set up an exposition in our gallery called “The Tiny Sketchbook Project”.

I am writing this blog post after coming home from teaching the kids I usually babysit english. It went well until I locked myself out of the apartment because I was teaching them “Hello” and “Goodbye” and the 5 year old thought it was funny to close the door. Typical. I think it is also important to note that I have also noticed different parenting styles here. It seems that french parents are much more laid back with their children.

As far as everything else goes, my host mom is still a gem. She told me today that I was raised really well and that I am super serious. I just think I come off as serious because I have no idea what to say…unclear.

Tomorrow in the gallery there will be a new British intern which is a little intimidating for me because if she speaks both English and french I no longer have any value (haha). **Just a little update, I met her today and she is lovely and I think we are best friends.

With regard to my leadership style before this internship I would say I am a leader when I need be. I definitely don’t love to be in the leadership role but if I see that the ship is sinking I have no problem stepping up. I think I definitely can be a little intense and neurotic in a leadership role so I try to be deliberately calm in those situations. However, I think that my leadership style is really effective in terms of productivity and finishing tasks, it’s just sometimes at the expense of the team. So, not great admittedly.

I think that my internship has shown me a different leadership style that has in turn pushed me to adjust my own. My boss is a little more stressed out than leaders I have been accustomed to. And although she gets the tasks done, the stress is not always necessary, and so i think that in future leadership roles I will keep in mind whether or not my stress is advancing the team or hindering it. I think a calm leadership style is definitely an approach I hope to emulate.

I think that overall I am becoming a better leader also because I am learning how to communicate better in general. Communication in the art gallery is sometimes difficult because our clients all speak different languages. I am constantly having to be aware of cultural differences. I think that now after working in an international setting I will be able to be a better leader in these situations in the future.

I look forward to these next few weeks! I am definitely not letting a second go to waste!