My Favorite Things

This summer has truly been the most amazing experience of my entire life. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have had this unbelievable opportunity. I have learned so much about Britain, Europe in general, the accounting industry, and, most importantly, myself.

There are definitely lots of things I will miss, mainly moments. I have picnicked next to a daisy field in Regents Park, laid down on the grass watching the Eiffel tower, swam on the beaches of Copenhagen, and stood on the cliffs of Howth in Dublin. Each was more beautiful than the next. Although it makes me sad that I will never be able to truly relive these memories, they are souvenirs that I will forever take with me everywhere I go. Additionally, I will miss the lifelong friends I have made on this trip. Luckily, a lot of them go to Pitt (H2P!), but it will not quite be the same.

As far as tangible items I will miss, hands down goes to the posh pickle and cheddar sandwich from Pret a Manger. I swear I eat at least five a week. It is my go-to meal. I will miss the pub culture as well. It is quite unlike restaurants in America; people dance and sing as the night goes late. It is rather fun. The last main thing I will miss will be the amazing public transportation of the tube. The PAT buses back home appear inferior anymore in comparison to the underground. 

A couple of things have stacked up that I will never miss though. I will not miss having people touching me at all angles on the morning tube commute to my internship and the mounds of people everywhere all of the time. I also am not a huge fan of the way Europeans treat Americans in general. There is definitely a negative connotation towards America. My friends and I have been called a variety of names in a variety of languages throughout the six weeks that were not particularly nice. Finally, I will not miss the washing machines. Honestly, it is a real drag – it takes over two and a half hours to wash your clothes (at least whatever you can barely fit into the machine), and then you have to hang them to dry. A lot of my white clothes are now blue as well. 

 Even though I will miss Europe, I hope to return again someday. I look forward to seeing my family and dogs soon! I think I have missed my pups the most while I have been here. I can always chat with my parents on the phone, but I cannot pet my dogs through the screen. I think I might cry when I am reunited with the wigglebutts in a week!

Cliffs of Howth