Saying Goodbye to London

Spending six weeks in one of the most global cities in the world has been an experience I will never forget. Part of me thinks six weeks was not nearly enough time, and I really wish that the program was not coming to an end. It was extremely difficult to do everything I wanted to do in London while taking two classes, participating in an internship, and trying to take weekend trips to different places in Europe. There is still so much that I want to see in London, and I am disappointed that the six weeks has gone by so quickly. That being said, this past month and a half has been incredible, and I have had the opportunity to experience so many different cultures because of how globalized London is. In addition, participating in the international accounting issues program has really broaden my view of the world, specifically business, and I now think of business in a much more global way and connect it to topics such as trade, exchange rates, and political issues that affect the market place. 

Although I am excited to head home and tell my family and friends about my time abroad, I have come to love my internship and am sad to leave it behind knowing that there is still so much time remaining in the summer. They provided me with an extremely unique experience and did their absolute best to accommodate for my interests. I am an accounting and marketing major, and I always thought it would be close to impossible to work at a place that let me do both. Because Anderson Tours had both a marketing and accounting department, they let me switch off each week and work in both of the departments even though I came in as strictly an accounting intern. That exposure to both fields gave me the opportunity to really focus my interests and discover what I like doing best, and because of that I am extremely grateful to Anderson Tours. 

Now that the experience and my time abroad is concluding, I definitely am eager to study abroad again in some capacity and see even more of the world. Six weeks seemed like it would be a long time to spend in a different country, but in reality, it wasn’t nearly enough. I would suggest to other students that they plan out everything that they want to do in-country prior to departing. That way, they will make the most of their time abroad and leave having done everything that they wanted to do and with no regrets about how they divided their time abroad.