This past week was another more relaxing week in Berlin. I didn’t travel anywhere this week and chose to spend time exploring parts of Berlin outside of the metropolitan area. The weather this past week was almost unbearable at times, reaching temperatures of around 100 degrees! When it gets to be that hot, what we can do is pretty limited. Even though we were faced with the heat we found things to do and took advantage of a pretty relaxed week.

On Tuesday my roommate and I had a very relaxed evening where we made dinner and watched a movie. After a weekend of traveling Monday and Tuesday were both really relaxing days for us. I was coming down with a cold and felt that after work on those days, it was better for me to relax.

On Wednesday it was so hot that all I could think about all day was going and jumping in a pool. Berlin has a number of public pools, 3 of which are only a 25 minute transit ride from out flat. After work we set out to go to the public pool that is actually in the old Olympic Stadium. The only issue was, we got out of work and home by 6:30 and the pool closed at 8pm. No problem we thought, we’ll get an hour. Once we got off the transit we followed what Google Maps told us was the way to the pool. Turns out though that Google Maps took us to the outside of the pool and there was a gated fence between us and paradise. We would’ve had to walk all the way back to the front and go through that way. We also discovered that the pool started to the shut down 30 minutes before the official closing time. Defeated, we went home and cooked dinner. We then went out for a few drinks once it had cooled down a little bit more. While I wish we were able to swim, it was cool to see the Olympic Stadium, which has so much history attached to it. It was originally built by the Nazis and for years it went untouched. In the 90s they decided to revamp it and it was used for a World Cup in the early 2000s. It’s pretty controversial though and for years people wanted it to be destroyed. Since Berlin was almost completely destroyed in the war you don’t have as many buildings and architecture from the Nazi era, but the history is still very much talked about here.

On Thursday I was pretty sick and it was the worst day of my cold. After work I came home and went right to bed. I only woke up for dinner which we got from a local Vietnamese restaurant. I don’t ever realize how many good food places there are around my flat and realized that I need to take more time to explore my own neighborhood.

Friday was a good day at work because I got to see a coworker who left a few weeks ago for another job. He stopped by to say hello and I got to spend time with him. It was also a Ladies Lunch, so my coworking space provided free food for us. After work me and my roommate made a big pasta dinner for us and our other friends, which we still have leftovers from. We they went out and spent time on the East Side, which is always fun.

Saturday was another eventful day. A neighborhood in the East called Kreuzberg was having a street festival. We went and hung out there for a while. It was in a great spot because it was right next to this park we’ve been wanting to go to called Viktoriapark. There’s a really beautiful waterfall and monument at the top of this large hill, so we walked to the top of the hill and it offered some amazing views of the are. We then went home and rested for a little bit before going to get sushi and then back to the East Side again.

Sunday reached temperatures of 100 degrees, so like many other locals we went to one of the many beautiful lakes in the area right outside of Berlin. It’s so nice how we can just take public transportation an hour outside of Berlin and we’re in a very beautiful natural place. We spent the whole day enjoying the nature and swimming in the lake. Being outside all day, we came home exhausted and went straight to bed.

This week was definitely eventful. While it sounds like it’s all play and no work, my company is actually a very efficient company and they manage their time well. These past few weeks they have been more laid back because we found out that they will be closing out Berlin office. While this is the case, that does not mean that they have stopped altogether. My boss and I are still running campaigns through today and then we will analyze the data. I really like how straight forward my coworkers are. My boss gives me really helpful feedback which he always frames in a really nice way. The rest of my coworkers are also very kind, but very honest. I think that if I received feedback in this way when I go back to the US, it will make me a much better worker. I also enjoy how supportive everyone is of each other. Since my company is so small people are so willing to help each other in every way. This is really important to me and is something that I will look for in other companies after this experience.

This has been another great week in Berlin! Till next time!