Visiting Cork

This weekend I traveled south to the city of Cork to visit my cousin who lives outside of the city. The trip was about a three hour bus ride, but it was well worth it. I hadn’t seen my cousin in about ten years, so it was great to see him now that we are both a bit older and in college. I arrived late on Friday night, so I did not do much besides relax and unpack, but I had a very busy rest of the weekend. First on Saturday we went to the coastline to get some great views of the ocean and some cliffs. There were a lot of farms along the path that we walked and overall the scenery was different than what you would fine in a city such as Dublin. It was also a beautiful day outside, as the sun was shining and it was the warmest weather I have experienced thus far in Dublin at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Being out along the coast was what I pictured what Ireland would look like before I arrived, and I was definitely not disappointed to see this part of Ireland. After seeing the ocean, we drove to Blarney Castle. It was cool to explore the narrow pathways of the castle, and I even participated in the old Irish tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone. It is said that kissing the stone will give an individual good luck, and you have to suspend yourself out into the air to reach it. It was a bit frightening to be hanging off of a castle, but there were poles to hold onto for safety and it was an interesting experience. Following this we went into the center of Cork city to get dinner and then walk around the University College Cork. On Sunday we traveled to an oceanside town called Cobh. The views here were very nice as well, and there a lot of food carts out and live music. It was not quite as nice out as the previous day, but I still had a great time walking around the city. After that I had had to catch a bus back to Dublin so I could get ready for work the next day. This was my first time traveling far outside the city of Dublin, and it was great to see some more rural areas along the bus ride, and also see some other famous landmarks of Ireland.

My work during this week was pretty much the same tasks as usual, except for the fact that we checked the accuracy of some of our coding. To do this, my boss randomly gave me and my three fellow interns twenty articles and he compared our answers to whether we thought there was fraud or not. The more we came to a consensus on, the more accurate our coding would be projected to be across the different years of articles we are working with. He said he would let us know the results sometime this week, and that this was obviously a small sample size so we may run more accuracy tests. I have also found that as we go back further in years there tends to be less potential fraud articles appearing per year in our searches. The numbers have decreased from about 1,200-2,000 in 1990-2018 do to about 700-1,000 per year in the 1908s and 1970s.

I would say that my Pitt experience has prepared me well for this internship. I definitely do not feel overwhelmed by the workload I have been given or working a traditional desk job for the first time. I certainly have all the skills required to complete the tasks I need to get done as well. The one thing I was not prepared for is adjusting from the schedule of taking college classes, which takes up less of my day often with breaks in-between classes, to working 9:30-5:00 all day except for a lunch break. I feel that the only way to adjust to a change in schedule is through practice and repetition, and after about a month of working, I definitely have adjusted a bit. I find the days to go by a bit faster now than I did when I first started my internship a month ago. This is likely due to the fact that I have fallen into a steady routine, and routines tend to make life easier and more comfortable, especially regarding something that was once new and unlike anything I had done before.