Greetings from Alicante

Greetings from above….France? Maybe?

I am currently on an airplane headed to Spain to celebrate my last full weekend abroad.  I was hesitant to leave London during my final days as a CAPA student, however, visiting Alicante has always been on my bucket list!

The past few weeks in London have been pretty hectic for me; from final projects to long internship hours—I swear haven’t stopped moving.  I cannot believe I have less than a week left working as a journalist for London Live. Last week, I was given the amazing opportunity to interview an artist based in New York City and explore his new exhibition in the heart of London.  My internship has given me the opportunity to learn multiple types of painting techniques–along with meet artists from all over the world.  It was interesting to meet an artist that lives so close to my home town in Pennsylvania!

Along with working on that story for my job last week, I also completed several of my personal goals regarding my internship.  One of my objectives throughout my six weeks here was to become efficient in my camera, tripod, and editing skills.  Throughout the past job shifts, I have learned so much through numerous hours learning the ropes within those categories.  I can definitely say that editing footage has to be my favorite part of the job—second to meeting a wide variety of people throughout London and learning their stories.

All in all, I am very happy with my current internship placement at London Live and will incorporate the skills I have gained from it into my future job positions in Pittsburgh.

The next time I will be posting, I will be back in the United States!  Heres to a great final week in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Talk to you soon!