This week, the french intern left and the british intern arrived. Reading my last blog post it seemed like I was so scared to meet this girl, but we get along really well and shes teaching me more french than I think I was learning speaking only french (because they had a hard time translating into english). I am still babysitting / teaching english to my neighbors, and sometimes I catch myself being extremely in the moment with these kids because when will I ever be in Paris again babysitting babies. It’s a dream. Today I have to pick up the oldest from school. It was either that or I picked up the baby and the toddler. Going back to what I said in my last blog, the parenting styles here are much more laid back than in the United States. I think I like it this way, but on verra.

My french has definitely gotten better. I am able to watch french shows completely in french and I called my french friend the other day and he and I were speaking completely in french. I am so so glad I did this program or else I feel like I would have never improved my french like this.

My last update is that I am still, in a state of panic because I am leaving. These 8 weeks have been some of the happiest in my life, and I am dreading coming back. I do miss my family and friends, but there is something about Paris that I can’t find in the states, and I will definitely be leaving a piece of my heart here. But enough of the dramatics…

What parts of your host country’s work culture are most different from your experience in the US? What parts of your host country’s work culture do you think would be valuable to integrate into your professional life in your home country?

I think the biggest difference is definitely the implicit communication. There is a lot of “what do youuuu want to do” or “do what you think is best”. In the states, you have a set of expectations and it is made very clear if you reach them or not. I also think it is a bit different for me to compare my work experience here to my work experience in the states because here I am working in an art gallery, and in the states I was working in a consulting firm. I will say I have heard that the french work so that they get the benefits whereas in the states we are much more focused on the money we earn. I think my priorities lie at the intersection of the two approaches. I think that I want to take back to the states the more laid back approach that the french take to life. Everything is a bit slower here, including in the work place. Or better yet, the french work really hard for X amount of hours (without stressing themselves out) and then they take long breaks. I really like this approach to work and life and I definitely intend on bringing it back to the states. Again, it is a bit difficult for me to compare work culture because I start work at 12 everyday, I am talking and cleaning frames, and I work on saturdays. My experience here in the gallery is definitely the opposite of my work experience in the states but a lot of that is contributed to the nature of my work. Regardless, work here is amazing, and after 6 weeks I finally learned how to make a sale to a client haha, so for these next few weeks, if you are in paris and you want some art, visit SLOW Gallery in the 11eme arrondisment of Paris 🙂

bisous, and see you next week.