Week 8: Farewell

Seriously, I do recommend to try Thai massage in Berlin LOLOL. Yeah, that’s the first thing I want to say (I’m not exactly know why). As usual, I have to say time flies so fast. I was just talking to my colleagues during lunch time today that this week is my last week here and none of them believed so, neither do me. Everything seems just happen yesterday, when I first land here in Berlin, Germany, even though I don’t really have such feeling of being excited. Honestly, I have thought long why my reaction is like that. Probably because I get used to moving already, from Hungary to China, one city to another, China to the U.S., and especially this time is more like a short-term settling, not traveling. I’m usually more excited for being in a trip. Also, I have to say I’m super stressful; so maybe there is not really much space for being excited, which I believe plays the larger portion for my reactions. It’s almost there for my university graduation, just one semester left. I continuously question myself if I’m doing what I wish to do for my future and you know there is a lot need to be done for graduate school application. Sometimes I even question if I really want to go to graduate school that soon. I still only have two paragraphs or even less done for the application paper, struggling for what to write, which aspects I should include. Not only that, recently a lot things happened. That’s also the reasons why I didn’t involve that much with everyone coming to Berlin (I’m so sorry). I don’t really follow up for what happened and sometimes being negative when being so stressful, but yeah I’m trying to get through it. As long as pass the application seasons, everything will be much better I believe. But I do hope everyone had a good time here.

Thank you so much for the opportunity as I really experience what I wish to see in the future,working in a global company or environment in all means. I really like my team and everyone in my company as well as the dog! I’m also glad I choose to participate in this program as everything is on schedule and it’s relatively a relax internship schedule. Although after getting back home I probably need several days staying in a quiet room to compose my paper since currently I have no clues at all. I also get to explore something new, different cultures, different food, different traditions, etc. and made some unique experiences. On July. 4th, the Independence Day of the United States, one of my colleagues from LA hosted the BBQ hot dog for lunch! We all enjoyed a lot including the office dog lol. On 7/3, we visited the Reichstag Building, which I made reservations in advance for free. It’s good to see the sunsets there.

The weather changes a lot these two weeks and it was raining for 1min on my way to the company. Another thing happened this morning, I was stuck in the S-bahn for like 10min with me being the only one on the subway. It was the second to the last stop to my destination and I didn’t expect it will change the routes or drivers. But yes it did. Didn’t understand German and I wasn’t pay attention to the surroundings as it was almost there to my final stop. When I realized there was a nice woman outside reminding to get off, the door is already closed and nobody was there besides me. Then the S-bahn moved slowly and finally stopped in the middle of nowhere and I saw the driver walking down. I was striking the door so he could see me. He used his hand gestures ask me to stay there. We even didn’t talk. Not 100% sure if I understand him. I later opened some windows in case I have to be there for couple hours. I don’t want to die and my phone ran out of data, so there was no way for me to tell the other people (like my supervisor I will be late) and no emergency phone number provided on the S-bahn. Luckily, the S-bahn just changed to the opposite direction and I arrived the office before 10am. So at least everything is still fine or at least the results. And I seriously recommend the Thai massage here in Berlin. I was super tired the past weekend even though I did nothing (no idea why) and the massage saved half of my life. I think overall the quality of massage here is good.

In terms of success, I believe it’s more towards a person’s contributions. What you have achieved or anything improved compared to the previous year are all key points in determining a person’s success. For example, one of my colleagues renewed our survey products after adhering to the same product several years. No one has ever told him to do so but his renewal did make huge benefits to the sale and whole company. In this way, this is definitely a huge success. In my home country, to define the success is much more complicated. There are several factors involved. So it’s hard to say.